Story: Alone Season 1, Episode 11

If you haven't read the episode 10, read it here

At the age of 23 I was now done with the school there, I started
having this imagination again of going to space.
I went to meet the priest I met earlier, whose name was changed from
Agu to Priest Benedict. I told him about my plan, he said I should
keep calm at the moment that he would get back to me when it was time.
I obeyed him as he was my father in the lord, I had got in custom with
the culture. But I didn't practise them or else mum or priest Benedict
would surely deal with me, as it doesn't go in line with the christian
I had a female friend, we were very close to each other, we shared the
deepest of our secrets. In fact, you can call us lovers. We never did
had sex untill a carol night, I mistakenly got inside her room while
she was undressed. I made to go out but she stopped me and planted a
kiss on my lips which I responded, one thing led to the other and we
did it.
From that moment our bond grew more and more, we kept seeing each
other and kept practising the act.
It had to be secret because she (Beatrice) was a reverend sister, and
she must not get caught.
My mother and my little sister has also goten used to the place, we
were having that laughter and smile on our face again. My mum had
gotten a job in one of the British law court in the village.
Priest Benedict was getting along with my mother, I suspected
something good was cooking.
And yes I was really right! Mr. Benedict left his priesthood to
propose to my mum and they did their wedding in the church.
The church received the news in a good heart.
I also used the opportunity to propose to Beatrice, she agreed. I
informed my mum and Mr. Benedict, they were all in support, I am now
becoming a man they said.
Everything was nice and cool, I forgot all the agony of the few years.
Wherever my father was I knew he would be happy.
With the help of my mum I got a job as the British court clerk, those
days the requirements needed were not as those of today. I had passed
all my tests, so I thought.
I and Beatrice started planning our marriage. And we got married after a week.

Expect The Next Episode.

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