Story: Alone Season 1, Episode 12

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We were walking down a steepy lane when the sun turned red and
darkness covered everywhere, we were scared. We didn't see each other
again, my wife and my son. They were missing. They earth was dividing
into two and I heared my son screaming, and I made to jump inside.
At that moment I woke up from sleep, what could be the meaning of this
dream? This could be a bad omen, I woke up my wife and narrated the
dream to her. We both knelt down and bowed our head in prayer.
The next morning I met Mr. Benedict, after telling him everything he
advised we hold a family prayer session.
I decided to go to the church first, the priest prayed for me and he
gave me some bible passages to read every night before I go to bed.
I returned home and we had a prayer session with my Mr. Benedict, my
mum, my sis and my family.
I memorised the passages so that I would save myself of the stress in
taking my bible everytime.
I was strolling when Mr. Benedict said he would like the whole family
to go on a vacation in Lagos, at the mention of Lagos the bad memories
flash in my mind. I remembered the scene of the woman that was almost
burnt, my school experience there and the blood in my father's
bicycle. I also remembered the fulani's man face, how he thirst for
destruction. I became angry and said I wouldn't be going. He asked why
and I told him that it would remind me of my past agony, and I don't
want to have anything to do with the yorubas. He tried convincing me
but I remained adamant, when he saw I was wasn't going to change my
mind he left.
My mum had convinced my wife to go with them and she would be going with my son.
My wife also tried convincing me to follow them but I didn't change my
mind, it was as if I was under the influence of something. More like
something harden my mind like the biblical pharoah, but I was no
They were going to spend a week there and would visit many important places.
They left the next day and I waved them goodbye not knowing that it
was the last time I was ever going to see them again.


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