Story: Alone Season 1, Episode 13

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Three days later after their departure I received a mail very early in
the morning, the mail man said he was from Lagos. He said the mail is
a message from my wife from Lagos, but he said I shouldn't open it yet
till I had my breakfast.
I asked him why, he said that's what my wife wished for me to do. I
noded my head in agreement and bade him goodbye.
I did my morning prayer, took my bath and strolled round the town. I
met a group of ladies dressed with clothes that was exposing their
laps, I felt tempted to speak to them. It had just been three days and
I had started missing my wife, her warmth and her body. Two of them
cornered me and asked if I would pay them for the service, I told them
that I was a married man already. They kept pestering them so I said I
would see them later in the day. After the sight seeing I was going
back home and decided to pass through the church. The reverend father
excused me and asked if I have heared anything about my family, I said
no but also told him about the mail I got earlier that morning.
He said he had to pray for me, I went inside and he and some of the
reverend sisters prayed for me, it wasn't those normal prayers. It
was like they were praying to God to give the strength to bear any
loss I have, well I didn't suspect anything. The reverend father said
I should bring the mail to the church so we could read them together,
he explained how he was missing them. Something occured to me why was
he speaking this way? Ever since I knew him he hadn't spoken like this
or prayed the other way. Well I went home and had my break fast, I
took the mail and headed over to the church. I met many more people in
the church entrance.
I just thought they had an event in the church.
I met the reverend father and I opened to the mail. I read the first
three lines and gasped for breath, I fainted. My family! They were

Expect the next episode!

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