Story: Alone Season 1, Episode 14

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I woke up from the same hospital bed I was when the demise of my
father was announced, this time it wasn't my mum that was near my
hospital bed but some reverend sisters. I looked at the ceiling, what
am I going to do with my life now? I am ALONE at this point of my
life. Had I sinned against God for him to be wicked to me? I couldn't
hold myself anymore and I bursted into tears, mourning loudly. All
hope was lost, my dreams were now gone. I thought of things I would
do, I decided that I would go through the letter again if I could see
what caused their death. The priest came and paid my hospital bills
while I was lost in thoughts, I kept staring at the statues of Jesus
and holy Mary. I felt like pulling them down, whatever be the cause I
will seek vengeance.
The priest prayed for me in the hospital and I was aided by a reverend
sister who helped me home. She warmed water for me to take my bath and
also prepared the meal. I thanked her for her kindness and she left
back to the church. I saw a rat poison and thought to drink it and die
but a voice said I shouldn't do it, someone could be responsible for
their demise. The person couldn't be alive while I was dead, never. I
bought a bottle of local gin and took it to forget some worries. I
slept off and woke up around evening time.
I headed to the church, the priest met me and gave me some words of
encouragement. I asked him for the letter, I read it again and saw no
clue to what killed them. I asked the father if he knew more about it,
he brought out a newspaper and gave me to go through it. The accident
made the news, I saw the picture of the car burnt. I started reading
about it and found out it was the same group of people who killed my
dad. The fulani man! I became angry and the urge for vengeance grew
inside of me. They had found out that my family was in Lagos, they
butchered them and burnt their car. My precious wife and son dead! I
ran out of the church and threw the newspaper away, the reverend
father called me but I didn't mind. I went home and saw the clothes
of my dead son, I cried alot. His killers must not be alive! They must
die! An eye for an eye. For four days I could neither eat nor drink, I
was filled with pains.
I had made up my mind to seek vengeance, the fulani man and his
partners in crime must die.


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