Story: Alone Season 2, Episode 1

The season one of this story was really great, it's all about Mr. John
telling his story from his cell in South Africa.
In the last season he talked about his early childhood in Lagos, his
school. He told us how he watched a woman almost burnt if not for the
intervention of the police, he later learnt that his dad a pastor was
who alerted the police.
Regretably the mob that almost burnt the woman invaded his father's
church and brutalised him to unconsciousness, his mother with him and
his little sis fled to Port Harcourt.
They were received by a church but later rented a house, his father
was later transferred to Port Harcourt where he died after spending
some minutes with John.
He watched as his dreams died, it took them years to get over the
death of this father.
Years past and his mother got married again, at almost same time he
proposed to his love and they got married too. They had a baby boy.
One night he had a terrible dream that look like a bad omen and in the
same time his new family both that of the mother decided to travel
down to Lagos for a week.
He didn't go with them and few days later he received the greatest
shock of his life.
His family was gone!

Start reading the season 1 to know what really happened.

COPYRIGHT!! This story shouldn't be lifted without my permission.
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