Story: Alone Season 2, Episode 2

I'm back again to this story, if you missed episode 1 of this season,
read it here
I had made up my mind to avenge the unlawful killing of the one's I
loved, they were the only people I had on planet earth. I planned that
after my vengeance I would go to South Africa my father land.
My memory brought me back the picture of the fulani man in his white
kaftan, he must have changed now and I might not recognize him. But to
me that was no problem, since the news made the national dallies
people still know him.
Why haven't the police done anything to bring him to book, could they
be partners? Or maybe the head of the police there was a fulani too.
But like I said he the fulani man and his partners must face my wrath
and die. I would make sure theirs would be worst.
What if the police head was an accomplice? I might get the whole
nation looking for me. I will have to perfect my plan as swift and
quietly as possible.
I brought out my church robes and went to the back of the house I
lived. I went there to burn them, I wouldn't be needing them anymore,
what would a murderer have to do with the church. I was going to be
one, who cares? I was already lost with no one on this planet. What's
the value of living anyway?
I would have to taken along my wife's and son's T-shirts as a
remembrance, if I was going to die in the act then I would be glad
they were with me when I die.
If I leave now, what would people in the town think? Where would they
say I went to. Actually they would say I must have been taken by the
bush baby. In recent weeks some livestocks and few kids went missing,
the villagers said it was a creature called the bush baby that carried
them away. However, the kids were found after a day of rigorous
searching. They never did mention anything about bush baby.
So what was I going to do? I had to wait till it was dawn around 06:00
am (GMT+1). I took the T-shirts of my wife and son, few of my clothes
and money inside my bag. When it was time I took two gallons of petrol
and poured inside my room and apartment. No one was living in my
apartment, it was far from the other apartments. I lighted the fire
and watched the house burning down. I knew people would start coming
outside to help quench the fire so I took off.
I went to the nearest bus stop in Port Harcourt, I boarded a bus going
to Lagos. How was I going to do this? I got no weapon with me, till I
get to Lagos then. Things would sort out.

Expect The Next Episode.

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