Story: Alone Season 2, Episode 3

If you haven't read the episode 2 of this season, read it here
I arrived Lagos 14:07 (GMT+1), everywhere had changed. It had been a
long time, I had also forgotten the name of places except the school I
I stopped a bikeman and asked him to take me to the school, when we
got there I could see that the school population had increased. More
classes had been added, modern chairs and also they had a play ground.
I went to the school and met the Principal, I asked if he heared about
the incident that got a whole family dead, he said he knew and that it
was worth investigating. He asked who I was and I gave him a another
name so that my identity won't be revealed. I later asked him if he
knew where they had lived, he wanted to know why I way asking those
questions and I told him I was a press man. He said he won't tell me
more than the address because of fear. I didn't ask him about which
fear because I kew he won't say anything.
I walked down the street leading to the house, people were looking at
me when I got to the house. He must be a police man from Abuja, so I
heared someone say in their local yoruba dialect. The house had been
burnt and a new one was undergoing construction.
I approached someone and he ran away, everyone locked their doors. I
thought that would be because they thought I was investigating the
incident. I decided to stroll along the street to the church, I saw a
pastor coming back from the church. He asked if he knew me somewhere
and I said no. I recognized him, he was my father's assistant pastor.
I told him I was from the press, I asked him if he could tell me more
about the incident. He said he was in a hurry and asked if I could
come to the church the next day during the church evening session. I
agreed and asked for his own personal residential address which he
gave to me. I thanked him and left.
My eyes were beaming for the fulani man, if I had seen him that time I
would have dashed and choked him to death.
I asked a bikeman to take me to the nearest hotel, he took me to the
only hotel with two storeys as of that time.
I went in and paid for two weeks, atleast it would be enough for me to
complete my mission. That night I brought out my wife's and son's
T-shirts. I prayed that their souls find rest. I went to the hotel
bar, dranked and ate. I went back to my room late. I slept off to
continue my findings the next day.


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