[Story] Emeka: The Journey Of Life (Season 1, Episode 12)

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Emeka regained freedom and everyone of his classmates among the search
party were very happy, Emeka had grown thin in just the space of a
day. How happy he was, there was a smile now on his face instead of
the fear before. He had a whole lot of stories to tell. He looked at
Gospel and shaked his head in disbelieve.
Should we deal with him a little? Okoro asked.
Anything you want, replied Emeka. They all took canes and started
whiping Gospel returning to the village with the boys except Omenka
who have already been initiated and followed Capon and his men in
The security men chased Capon and his men to the other village, the
village ended with a river and at the time Capon group got there,
there were no canoe for them to board since everyone had went fishing
and few in the transport business. They wanted to hide in the nearby
bush when the forces closed down on them shooting indiscriminately
towards them, Capon was shot in the chest and died instantly. Obulor
was targeted in his abdomen and he so died there together with some of
his men.
The others who survived received gunshots wounds in their hands and
leg except Omenka, they were groaning in pains. The police mobile
force and the vigilantees ordered a lorry from the village which they
are to use in transporting the boys.
The villagers who met Okoro and his search party on their way back
joined them and started rejoicing. They went straight to the Chief's
palace, the village was thrown in a joyous mode. Pi pi hurray! The
boys and girls that were part of the search party were now full of
smile, while the captured Gospel was lost in his thoughts.
Eze Nduka greeted the search party and thanked them for being brave.
Emeka parents and the rest of the villagers got the news, and almost
everyone came. Emeka's mother was filled with joy.
Eze Nduka asked why Gospel was tied up and they explained to him. His
parents tried to defend him saying he was set up, Eze Nduka rebuked
them and ordered the palace guards to whip him later in the villager
square, and after that he would be sent to the police station.
Omenka's parents asked about him, Emeka explained everything to them
and they became worried.
Don't worry, nothing would happen to him said Eze Nduka.
The palace was still at a joyous mode when the security forces came
back and briefed them all. Omenka got back to his family, while the
others were taken to the station. Eze Nduka declared three days
holiday in respect of the boys and also promised the search party a
gift which they politely rejected.

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