[Story] Emeka: The Journey Of Life (Season 1, Episode 13)

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The next three days was public holiday in respect of the boys. There
were different cultural displays, well one can call it a short
No one knew Otakpo performed the sacrifice, so he decided to use the
opportunity to mock the church goers and those who disagreed with him
at first.
When it was time for speech giving he challenged the pastors saying
their God couldn't bring back the boys, but he Otakpo a son of Ohali
and worshipper of his ancestors performed a sacrifice that brought the
boys back.
Someone shouted, God used the Devil to bring back our children. It is
your deity that is the Devil, Otakpo quickly fired back at him. If not
for our ancestors would you all be alive? Who gave birth to you? Are
you not from the lineage of the ancestors? If the ancestors didn't
give birth to your fathers would you all be in this world? For you
have left your culture and way of worship so have our ancestors left
us. Is it not written in your Bible that the God of those you worship
left them when they forsake him? Why is our own different? Otakpo said
in anger.
Eze Nduka calmed him down, he knew who Otakpo was. Otakpo could
arrange some boys and destroy the churches if he had the chance.
Eze Nduka: Otakpo I understand you. Our culture and heritage must be
respected in our land, and also we should protray them outside. But as
the chief of this village I wouldn't force people to follow our
culture, everyone has the right to religion as being written in the
constitution. But as from today, I will double the funds for our
culture to make it look very much attractive.
He received cheers from the crowd after saying that, Otakpo thanked
him and sat down.
Eze Nduka called on the search party, he said he was proud of them for
showing braveness.
As the head of the search party, Okoro was awarded a scholarship that
would see him finish his tertiary education.
As for Omenka, Odufor performed a ritual that cleansed him. Emeka was
so happy to be back home, his experience in the forest was terrible.
The other cult group was also disarmed, the village celebrated for
three days.

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