[Story] Emeka: The Journey Of Life (Season 1, Episode 14)

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Emeka got to school the next week, the list was rewritten. The
teachers and students welcomed him, he was good. He thanked Okoro very
much, Okoro was the school hero. He did what will never be forgetten
by the whole villagers in the years to come.
Weeks past and rolled into few months, the SSS3 class was getting
prepared for their exam. There were extra moral classes, the senior
class looked forward to writing the exams and leaving the school. Some
had already started discussing what they would want to be and the
tertiary institution they would attend. Others wanted to learn skills
and became entrepreneurs themselves. But for the likes of Emeka and
few who weren't sure of their future after secondary school. Emeka had
wanted to study theatre arts in school so he could be an actor, but
his father had said he would be going to Port Harcourt to stay with
his Uncle.
As the day went by he kept on thinking about what his father said, he
would likely ends up being a sales boy to his Uncle since he was a
wicked man. He wondered why his father would at first even think about
that, maybe his uncle must have talked with his dad and influenced
him. Well, there was nothing he could do, his father's decision was
final. He could make savings there and start sponsoring himself in
school, so he had thought.
Their were serious practicals and revision by the teachers, the school
had always be good with their waec result. The school motto was "Say
No To Examination Malpractise" during exams. They had zero tolerance
for malpractise, so they made sure their students were well equipped
beore exams.
In sports they were also excellent, because of their feats, people
from nearby villages troops to the village to school. The SSS3 class
had also organized a fasting and prayer session for their success.
The D-day came, everyone had prayed for it. The students were all
confident of themselves, they wrote in supervision of WASSCE
officials. After the end of the exams the SSS3 held a sent off party,
and also had a minute of silent for their colleagues who had lost
their lives. That moment was emotional.
After that party it was a whole lot of new adventures for the young
boys and girls

This is the end of season 1.

Expect The Next Season.

COPYRIGHT!! This story shouldn't be lifted without my permission.
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