[Story] Emeka: The Journey Of Life (Season 2, Episode 1)

Emeka had a great adventure in the season 1 of this story. He was
kidnapped by a cult group when he went looking for a missing list in
the bush, he was almost initiated but the rival group disrupted the
initiation process.
The village woke up with cries from different homes, twenty one boys
were missing with no clue of who kidnapped them.
The village chief instructed the security forces to search the whole
forest and find the boys, Okoro created a search party and they
succesfully caught Gospel. Gospel was a wolf among the sheep, after
beating him, he led them to the camp where Emeka and the others were
kept. Just at the moment the place was raided by the mobile Police
force. Okoro and his search party took the boys home amid celebration
from the villagers. Because of his heroic act he was awarded a
tertiary institution scholarship. Emeka was grateful to him, time
passed and the senior students wrote their last exams in secondary


Exam was over and the senior students who had just graduated where
looking forward to attending a tertiary institution, some had already
written their tertiary university entrance exam. Some where sitting on
the fence, they weren't sure whether they would attend a tertiary
institution. But the likes of Emeka already knew their fate, there was
no tertiary institution for them. Maybe just at that time, you know
anything could change anytime.
Two weeks after the exams Emeka visited Akin.
Akin: Emeka how far o, it has been a very long time.
Emeka: Yes, I would have visited you since if not for the work load I
have at home and farm.
Akin: Eayah! I'm lucky that my younger one's have grown up.
Emeka: Yes you are very lucky.
Akin: Beside that, how are you doing about your schoolf stuff.
Emeka: Mahn I'm going no where, that my wicked uncle called my Dad and
convinced him to take me to the city after the results are out.
Akin: I'm sory about that. I would be writing my school entrance exam next year.
They were still talking when Okoro who was passing by branched there.
Okoro: Hmm, you guys have really grown o.
Emeka: That's called fufu in action.
They all laughed, Okoro asked them if they would be interested in
going fishing the next day and the boys agreed.
Emeka excused himself that he had to go to the market at the moment.
They would go fishing the next day.

COPYRIGHT!!! This story shouldn't be lifted without my permission.
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