[Story] Emeka: The Journey Of Life (Season 2, Episode 4)

If you missed the episode 3 of this wonderful season of Emeka the
journey of life, read it here
The boys continued working at the plantation till the fifth day, they
overheard the guards complaining that someone has been stealing some
plaintains in the plantation. All the guards swore an oath that if
anyone of them was responsible for the act, that he should die in
three days time.
Okoro: Emeka don't you think we should help in finding out the thief?
Emeka: How do you mean?
Okoro: We all should stay awake in night and hide, then we will look
out for the thief.
Akin: We shouldn't do anything, we might get into trouble. What if the
guards sees us hiding they would think we are the one's responsible.
Okoro: No, I don't think so. With the way they were discussing about
the matter, the stealing has been going on long before we came here.
And besides the guards wouldn't see us since they stay at the other
Akin: Hmm, okay but don't you think we should inform the guards first?
Okoro: No, it should just be between the three of us.
Emeka: The thief must be very tricky not to be seen by the guards. The
thief must have known the guards positions to be able to avoid them.
Okoro: We will try our best.
They retired back to their works, when it was night they met and
planned again. They stayed in different positions, at about midnight
Okoro noticed a movement and signalled Akin who was very close to him.
The figure they saw was walking slowly like an old man, the boys
watched as he quietly cut a bunch of plaintain.
When the figure was about going to where it came from, the boys came
out shouting thief, thief. They got hold of the person, their shout
alerted the guards. They came and saw the boys with the thief. One of
them beamed his search light on the thief and saw that it was the gate
keeper. They would have beaten him if not for his old age, the guards
congratulated the boys.
Morning came and the guards took the gate keeper to the palace. The
king ordered for him to be flogged and thrown inside the prison. The
guards narrated how he was caught by Emeka, Okoro and Akin, the king
sent for them. When they came the king praised them and gave them two
goats and seven tubers of yams. The king said they should stop working
at the plantation and return back to their village.
However, he told them not to tell anyone that the evil forest was just
a mere plantation. The boys went back home and their parents were
surprised to see them earlier and with gifts. They narrated everything
that happened except that the evil forest was a plantation. Okoro had
proven once again that he was a hero.
Expect The Next Episode.
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