[Story] Emeka: The Journey Of Life (Season 2, Episode 5)

If you missed episode 4 of this season please read it here
Weeks passed and months rolled in, the WAEC results of the students
were out. The schoold hadn't gotten theirs because their Principal was
sick and their vice Principal post was yet vacant.
The principal asked Emeka and Akin to accompany him to the state zone
so they could take their school's results.
They all headed to Port Harcourt the next weekend, while in the car
the two boys were busy surveying the environment of the places they
past. This was probably the first time they would be going this far,
yes. No wonder Akin and Emeka jumped up so high and even jokingly
talked about organising a party after they had returned. To them this
was more like an adventure, a journey that had taken years to come.
When they got to Ahoada they boarded a bus that would take them
straight to Port Harcourt, it was the same city Emeka's wicked uncle
was living. Emeka would use this opportunity to check out the
environment of the city.
They reached the city, what the boys saw got them surprised. There was
more people compared to the village, it was crowded and the buildings
were also different from the ones at home. The sight of the buildings,
the environment and the liveliness of the place made Emeka to change
his mind about his uncle being wicked. Maybe he changed overnight,
Emeka thought. He couldn't wait to meet his uncle when all was set.
Akin also on his own was very happy for being in Port Harcourt, this
is really going to be a good journey.
The car stopped them at the entrance of the WAEC office in Port
Harcourt, they walked in and were received by the friendly security
men. They waited for few minutes and the attention of the Principal
was called, the boys walked behind him.
They reached the office where the results were, the head man there
congratulated the Principal. He told the Principal that his school had
done exceptionally well. The man also praised the boys. They were
given the results and they left to a Motor Park. While they were still
there, the Principal (Mr. Marshal) told the boys that he came with
them so they would see how the headquarters praises them. They both
thanked him.
They took another bus heading back to Ahoada where they would board a
smaller car to the village.
Akin was already missing the city as they were going back, Emeka had
the hope of returning back. Ofcourse, he would be going back.

Expect The Next Episode.

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