[Story] Emeka: The Journey Of Life (Season 2, Episode 2)

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The boys went out fishing the next day after taking permission from
their parents. To them they thought since the event that got the
culltists dead, that there would be no other problem.
Dressed in the traditional fishing style, old khaki shorts, torn
singlets and local hats the boys started paddling their canoe.
When it was noon they had goten the quantity of fishes they needed.
As they made their way to go home Akin told them a story about how a
fisherman got missing in the same water they were. They said the water
goddess drowned the man because, he didn't drop ten percent of the
fishes he caught back to the water. Okoro said that was a false story,
he didn't believe in such things. Okoro said the man must have made a
mistake while sailing or his canoe must have leaked. Akin said that's
just what he heard.
Emeka was not speaking, his body was so cold.
Akin: Okoro! Emeka has goten sick o.
Okoro: Let's take him to the nearby village quickly for treatment.
They paddled their canoe to the shore of the village near them.
They called for help and the locals there helped them to take Emeka to
a herbalist in the village, his condition had worsened. He was shaking
and shivering vehemently, the herbalist told Okoro and Akin that they
should excuse him. Before that he had billed them an amount of money,
but the boys begged him to accept half of the fish they caught. Okoro
asked one of the locals there who would be going to Ohali to help
inform any of the villager of their state.
He and Akin sat down in front of the herbalist's house.
Akin: Okoro don't you think what is happening is related to what I
said this afternoon?
Okoro: You said many things, so which one are you talking about?
Akin: The one about the water goddess, maybe she decided to punish us lightly.
Okoro: Hmm, I don't see it that way, let's give the herbalist more
time to do his work.
Akin: Okoro, let's said God forbid that Emeka die because of our
refusal to do what is necessary.
Okoro: Hmm, I don't believe in those stuffs but let's just try if it
is going to work.
Akin: Ehen, now you are talking.
They went to the River side and they brought out ten percent of the
fish they caught and poured them back into the river. The local who
went to Ohali came back and said Emeka's parents have travelled but
his neighbour gave him some drugs. Okoro thanked him.
The herbalist call them and said they should take Emeka home, his body
was very hot now but he could walk.
They went back to their canoe and paddled back home.
When they got home and were smoking the fishes, Emeka asked them how
the quantity of the fishes reduced. They told him why, he laughed and
said he had already caught cold before they went out for the journey.
He said it was the drugs he took that made him well saying the
herbalist did nothing. The boys all laughed at themselves and they
took their portion of the fishes and went back home.

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