[Story] Emeka: The Journey Of Life (Season 2, Episode 3)

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Emeka's parents returned very early in the morning from their trip, he
welcomed them and after every morning work was done he told them about
how his sickness became worse in the river. He narrated how the
herbalist did nothing but to dupe them of their fish, his mother got
angry at him for visiting a herbalist. Don't you know they are evil?
She asked angrily. Emeka kept quiet and went inside his room to sleep.
Few hours later a messenger from the palace visited them saying Emeka
was needed at the palace, his parents tried asking if he had committed
any crime, but the messenger said they must get to the palace to know.
Emeka and the messenger followed by his parents trooped to the palace,
there they saw Akin, Okoro and their parents. The village chief told
them to take their seats before he would go straight to the matter.
Eze Nduka: Your sons went fishing yesterday and disobeyed one of the
laws of the land they took Emeka to when he was sick, you see this man
here (pointing to an old man). He was sent by the king of Ohia to tell
us the sin your sons commited. The law of Ohia said the fishes must be
thrown in the middle of the river and not by the side. So they said
your sons must stay in the evil forest for ten days, or else pains and
sufferings will you people have.
God forbid rented in the air.
Eze Nduka: It is not a matter of God forbid but that of tradition.
So your boys will be taken to their evil forest and there's nothing we can do.
The parents tried begging the village chief, they said the boys didn't
know the rules of the place since they don't reside there. But the
village chief said they should have asked questions and not to do
things in ignorance. The parents tried their best to save their sons
of going to the evil forest, but all their pleads fell on deaf ears.
The boys were taken by the palace guards in the company of the old
man, they boarded a canoe with the old man while the guards returned
to the palace.
In the canoe the old man introduced himself the gate keeper of the
evil forest, he said the boys would see what they had never expected
in the evil forest. Fears gripped the boys, they were then taken to
the palace of the chief of Ohia. After using harsh words on the boys,
he ordered the guards to send the boys to the evil forest. The boys
were visibly shaken with fear, they reached to so called evil forest
and the gate was opened. They went deeper and realised that the had
been tricked, it was a plaintain plantation. They saw some guards with
sterns faces holding whips, someone gave them cutlasses to start
At break time that day at noon the boys got time for discussion.
Emeka: We have been tricked, the Ochi-Oha must have known about this.
Okoro: Yes we would tell our parents when we get back home.
Akin: Hmm, are you people even sure that we would come out of here alive?
Okoro: Stop being pessimistic, we would get out of here in the next ten days.
Emeka: Maybe they would make us swear an oath not to tell anyone of what we saw.
Okoro: Maybe.
They boys discussed for sometime until one of the guards brought them
food, they ate and went back to work. They were ready for the
adventure of the so called evil forest.

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