Story: Erigga Season 1, Episode 1 (18+)

Please this story is fictional and doesn't potray the character of the
Erigga you know.
It is written mainly in pidgin english.

Erigga meets Pascal in the beer parlour.
Erigga: Pascal how far na, how your mata be.
Pascal: Everything normal na just that yeye lecturer wey dey wori.
Erigga: That nigga still dey worry you?
Pascal: Yes o, On top babe mata.
Erigga: Sha all these lectures wey no dey carry eye see fine babe. We
fit set am up sha.
Pascal: Which way na? You know why I like you? You just dey solve my
problems even if I no ask you.
Erigga: We be padi na, so later for night you go call that your babe
make she come Papilo side. We go draft the plan there, e papa.
Pascal: No shaking.

Pascal ordered for two star bottles and pepper soup, they gisted about
the match showing on the television. After some minutes Papilo came.

Papilo: eh! See my chairmen them, tah, na here una dey?
Erigga: Papi yes na.
Papilo: Abeg make una take hand jhoor, (they shaked each other).
Erigga: E get one mata we wan discuss for your area tonight bros.
Papilo: Gist me here, we fit talk details later.
Erigga: Make Pascal tell you am well.

Pascal: oboi e get this lecturer wey no gree mai rest because of babe.
So padi mi Erigga come say mai invite my babe come your area, so we go
plan on how to set that mumu lecturer up.
Papilo: No shaking, but if you ask me na to kuku break that lecturer
head go sure pass.
Erigga: No na, you suppose understand this matter eh. If we break e
head them go say na we find am, at that time them fit expel us comot
for scho ol.
Papilo: Your head correct, we go tidy the stuff well.
Pascal: Alright, thanks guys.

They chatted till it was time to go. Then it was evening, they had all
agreed to meet at Papilo's street.

Erigga meets Papilo smoking outside.

Erigga: Aey! Bros, I see sey you dey enjoy.
Papilo: Hahaha, my guy. Take one stick. Erigga took one and lighted it.
Papilo: How far for Pascal na
Erigga: E dey come with e babe, we go ask speak well as the babe dey come.

They waited for a few minutes and Pascal approached with his babe
whose name was Juliet.
Una welcome.
Papilo: Pascal this your babe tight ni o.
Pascal: Your papa! Make we talk wetin carry us come hear.
They discussed about how they would set the lecturer up. Juliet will
accept the lecturer's offer and she would keep her laptop video
recorder running in the direction she would be with the lecturer.
After sometime Erigga and his friends would barge into the hotel room
disguised as police men. They would threathen the lecturer that they
would release the video and arrest him except he pays a certain

Pascal thanked Erigga and Papilo and they headed to a club.

COPYRIGHT!! This Story shouldn't be lifted without my permission.
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