Story: Erigga Season 1, Episode 2 (18+)

Please this story is fictional and doesn't potray the character of the
<b>Erigga</b> you know.
It is written mainly in pidgin english.

Read the episode 1 here

The trio Erigga, Pascal and Papilo went to a local market the next day
to buy police uniforms that they would use for the act.
All was set and they hid near the hotel where Juliet and the lecturer
will enter.
Pascal: See guys we no go waste time enter the hotel as soon as them
come, I no wan make that man put e yeye thing for my girl toto.
Erigga: Easy na, ah ah. Na me draft this plan, you suppose cool down
while me dey calculate.
If we come barge in fast fast while them still dey for receptionist
hall nko. We must catch them korokoro, you don even forget sey your
babe go text us the room number.
Pascal: Eh, I remember, but na just concern I just dey show.
Papilo: Which kind concern, them tell you sey na only you don browse
your babe? Relax jhor.
Pascal: No lele sha, make we wait.

They waited for few minutes and a black mercedes benz past them with
Juliet and the lecturer inside.
Erigga: Oya make we start to dey snap them.
They took photos of them while in the car.
Erigga: Oya guys make we wait for signal from Juliet.
Pascal and Papilo: No shaking.
Juliet and the lecturer went to the receptionist and the lecturer
asked for their hotel room key.
He had already booked a room, Juliet was dressed in a red tight dress
that just slightly covered her buttocks.
Everyone in the hall was staring at her, her booty and boobs were so wow!
They got to the room 201, Juliet took notice of the room number and
she quickly texted it to Erigga.
Erigga: Guys signal don come o. Make we wear up.
They got dressed and headed to the hotel, they asked the receptionists
some few questions in order to sound like real policemen.
In the room Juliet had already placed her laptop in the lecturer's
direction and the video recorder was on.
She had undressed and got naked, she used a blanket to cover herself.
The lecturer also got undressed and made to lie down with Juliet when
Erigga and his friends, disguised as police officers stormed the room
and broke the door.
Erigga: (to the others) take pictures. Hello Mr. Lecturer you are
under arrest for forcing a student to sleep with you.
Juliet: (pretending) Please officers he didn't force me.
Erigga: Shut up! If I hear anyword again from you, you will follow him
to the station. (points to the laptop) Seize that laptop.
Papilo seized it.
Lecturer: (in fears) Please officers I have a reputation to protect,
please don't take it this far.
Pascal: Mr. Lecturer we have video and picture evidence against you.
Do you know how much our boss will pay us for this burst?
Lecturer: Please any amount I will pay.
Erigga: Wait let me reason with my colleagues.
The trio gisted quietly.
Erigga: You see sir, we know you have a family. How would your wife
feel if she gets to know about this? And the students you lecture.
Just pay us five million Naira and the case is over.
Lecturer: Aey! I would need more time to pay that amount of money.
Papilo: Like how many days?
Lecturer: A week please.
Erigga: We are giving you just three days. This is our account number
(he drops a paper). Now give us your car key.
The lecturer gave it to them out of fear.
Erigga: And as for the girl we need her in the station.

They left with Juliet and zoomed off in the lecturer's car, the
lecturer was left deep in his thoughts.


COPYRIGHT!! This story shouldn't be lifted without my permission.
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