Story: Erigga Season 1, Episode 3 (18+)

Please this story is fictional and doesn't potray the character of the
Erigga you know.
It is written mainly in pidgin english.

Read the episode 2 here

Erigga, Pascal, Papilo and Juliet arrived at Papilo's house with the
lecturer's car. All eyes was on Juliet's dress.
Pascal: Make una comot una yeye eye from my babe.
Papilo: Calm down jhoor, na only your babe get toto?
Pascal: Chai, your papa, my own babe own tight.
Erigga: Oya make she show us na.
Pascal: Baby show them that thing you dey use grind my johnson.
Juliet lifted her short dress up and raised it down quickly. She had
forgot to wear up her panties in the hotel room.
Erigga: Correct one, that one tight my guy. You dey enjoy sha.
Pascal: Eh, I don hear but no eye my girl.
Papilo: Make una wait o, una see this car we carry come so eh. I
suppose use am dey grove around the town, so that those yeye girls wey
no gree for me go holla.
Erigga: No, we go kukuma sell this car and share the money talk another thing.
Pascal: Eh? But guy wait na. What if the lecturer come call us sey wey the car?
Erigga: Easy na, you know sey I be sharp guy eh. Base on sey I don
pass this level. Na fake number I give am, after e don send us the
money. He go wan call us to confirm but the line no go go.
Papilo: What of if e come go check for the police stations wey dey this town?
Erigga: E no fit, shame no go allow go.
Pascal: Eribaba I trust you na.
Juliet: Hmm, Pascal e be like sey this your friend bad pass u o.
Pascal: Na so my baby, (he hugs her and grabbed her ass) make we enter
inside go do something na.
Juliet: Come on, you go ride my ass today.
Pascal: No shaking na.
They both went inside in Papilo's living room, Juliet bent near the
chair there and started sucking Pascal's d*ck.
She sucked it for a minute and told him to fvck her ass.
Pascal slowly inserted his d*ck inside, she gasped at the first time
it entered. Pascal started fvcking her ass and slapping her ass
Meanwhile Erigga was with Papilo outside.
Erigga: Guy you no reason this Pascal babe? As she just open her toto
naim my Johnson just rise.
Papilo: I dey reason her too o, but she fit gree make we do am?
Because she and Pascal dey very close.
Erigga: You know what? We go reason her sey her share go big for that
money. I know her type.
Papilo: You na sure guy. After we don get this money na to buy two
packets of condom because I go fvck babes wella.
Erigga: That one dey.

Some minutes later Pascal came out with Juliet, she was just using her
dress to cover her pu$$y.
Pascal: Papilo abeg help me find boxer and T-shirt for my babe make I
go buy bullet drink.
Papilo went in and Pascal went out to buy the bullent drink, Erigga
was left only with juliet.
Erigga: Babe how far na.
Juliet: I dey.
Erigga: I don see sey my guy don browse you small, you for taste me
and Papilo make we see who sabi do am pass.
Juliet: (laughs) na wetin you get self.
Erigga: Oya touch my d*ck.
She touched it and unfortunately for Pascal, Erigga's johnson was bigger.
Juliet: I love big d*cks but una go roger me small thing.
Erigga: No shaking.
Papilo came out and handed her the boxer and T-shirt, they talked
about what Erigga told her and she said till they pay her. The deal
was made. Pascal came back and they all went inside the living room
expecting the bank alert in the next few days.

COPYRIGHT!! This Story Shouldn't Be Lifted Without My Permission.
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