Story: Erigga Season 1, Episode 4 (18+)

Please this story is fictional and doesn't potray the character of the
Erigga you know.
It is written mainly in pidgin english.

If you haven't read episode 3 read it here

Erigga was in his living room sleeping when he got a message from
Ecobank, he picked his phone up and saw it was the alert. The lecturer
had just sent five million naira (N5,000,000.00) to his acount, he
smile and laughed.
Erigga: I don make am, no shaking!
He picked up his phone to call Papilo first.
Erigga: Papi my guy, joy dey o.
Papilo: Which level na.
Erigga: That idiot don send the cash o, oboi my belle just dey rejoice.
Papilo: You mean am? E send am complete?
Erigga: Yes o, so I wan discuss with you first because of wetin we
reason Juliet.
Papilo: You know what? Both of us go take one point five million
because na we perfect the plan. And then Pascal and Juliet go come
take 1m each, but as we promise Juliet we go give her 200k.
Erigga: 200k? That one means sey we go fvck her till she faint na. Her
nyash go wide that day.
Papilo: My guy I dey feel you abeg.
Erigga: Okay na, I go call Pascal make we reach your house.
Papilo: No wahala. But no forget to buy packets of condom if you dey come.
Erigga: That one dey.
Erigga called Pascal and told him to come to Papilo's home. Erigga
boarded a bike and bought four packets of condom and ten rolls of s.k,
then he headed to Papilo's home.
Papilo: Eribaba I dey feel you.
Erigga: No shaking, make we light s.k dey wait for Pascal.
They were smoking the cigar when Pascal came in.
Pascal: Enjoyment gang! Give me two rolls abeg.
He took two and lighted it.
They later went to the business of the day. Erigga told Pascal about
the sharing plan, Pascal agreed since the plan was mainly carried out
by Erigga and Papilo, they shared the money through mobile transfer
and also gave Juliet her share.
Pascal: I thank una, una really try for me. E no easy. But I wan
travel now now, when I return we go talk well.
Erigga: Okay na, no shaking.
They accompanied Pascal to the gate and he boarded a bike to the motor
park where he headed to Bayelsa.
Erigga: Bros, this one wey Pascal don comot make we call Juliet now.
My body dey hot.
Papilo: Mai call am.
They called Juliet and in the next minutes she came. She wore a tight
pink dress this time, the dress didn't reach her knee.
Juliet: Hello guys.
Erigga: Baby, omo I dey feel your dressing.
Juliet: Thank you.
Papilo: Oya make we enter inside.
Juliet: No, the money first.
Erigga: Easy na, the money dey.
Erigga transferred 200k to her via the mobile transfer.
They took her to the parlour, Erigga grabbed her ass and removed her dress.
Papilo: Jisos! Chin cho chin.
Erigga: The babe tight na.
Juliet removed the pant she was wearing, she undressed the duo and
knelt in their middle. Juliet grabbed their d*cks and sucked them at
intervals, Erigga wore condom lied down and intruded Juliet's kittycat
while Pascal intruded her ass.
The started fvcking her and she kept moaning very loud. They fvcked
her for up to twenty minutes and then both of them decided to fvck
her one after the other using the missionary style.
The s.ex lasted for two hour and they were all exhausted.
Juliet went in to take her bath.
Erigga: Guy we suppose hold this girl till tommorow, her toto too sweet ni.
Papilo: I go reason her.
Juliet came out of the bathroom unclad, Papilo talked to her and she
agreed to stay overnight.
The had bouts of sex in the night, and everywhere was aching Juliet in
the morning. They took her nude pics and she left that morning after
few minutes of pounding.

Expect The Next Episode.

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