Story: Erigga Season 1, Episode 5 (18+)

Please this story is fictional and doesn't potray the character of the
Erigga you know.
It is written mainly in pidgin english.
If you haven't read episode 4 read it here
The next day after Juliet left, Pascal returned back from Bayelsa. He
went straight to Papilo's house but he didn't find anyone there, he
decided to call him.
Pascal: Hello, Papilo I don reach your area na. I no come see you.
Papilo: I dey for Mama Chidinma bar with Erigga, we just dey do jollyment.
Pascal: Okay, I dey reach that side make una wait for me.
Papilo: Alright na.
They ended the call and Pascal boarded a bike, now in the bar when
Pascal hadn't reached there yet Papilo and Erigga were engaged in a
Erigga: Bros as Pascal dey come so no even talk about him babe o.
Papilo: Which level na, na only him get babe? Think well.
Erigga: Chill, the way you dey talk self the guy fit get clue sey we
do something with e babe o.
Papilo: Bone that talk, if e come know nko. Why you dey fear Pascal eh, easy na.
Erigga: No be matter of fear, na our guy and we stab am for e back.
You don forget sey him get gun?
Papilo: Oh I see, na the gun dey make you fear?
Erigga: Ah Ah, why you self dey talk like this? You no know who Pascal be?
Papilo: Bone that talk abeg, who e epp?
Erigga: I don talk my own sha.
Few minutes later Pascal arrived at the bar, they exchanged greetings.
Erigga: Guy you been say na yesterday you go show.
Pascal: Something show up sha, I see my old classmates them, so we
come decide to relate, we just dey grove round the town.
Papilo: Ah! You no even remember your babe Juliet.
Pascal: She dey for me na, no body go touch her.
Papilo: See you, with all this bad boiz wey get eye like this.
Erigga: Make una bone that talk jhor. Make we talk better thing.
Pascal phone rang, he excused them and went outside. He later came
back with a worried face.
Pascal: Head burn! Wahala dey o.
Erigga: Na wetin be that?
Pascal: People dey here, make we go Papilo house. Juliet dey wait there.
Erigga: (looks at Papilo's face) Okay na, make we reach your house.
They all went over to Papilo's house and met Juliet waiting.
They went inside the parlour and they locked everywhere.
Erigga: So Juliet na wetin be the matter?
Juliet: The lecturer asked me which police station I was taken to and
the whereabout of his car. E be like sey e don suspect something o.
Erigga: Hehehe, that guy man want make we do am strong thing. But na
wetin you reply am.
Juliet: I told him that you people only needed money and dropped me
halfway to the station.
Erigga: Okay, as the man stupid reach so we go do am strong thing.
Papi look for car buyer. We go release that video we record and the
Pascal: Correct guy, make that mugu know sey e no fit mess with my girl.
Papilo: Okay, I go connect the buyer.
Erigga: Okay na, make we enter bar.
They all left to the bar.

Expect The Next Episode.

COPYRIGHT!! This story shouldn't be lifted without my permission.
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