Story: Erigga Season 1, Episode 6 (18+)

Please this story is fictional and doesn't potray the character of the
Erigga you know.
It is written mainly in pidgin english.
If you haven't read the episode 5 of this story, read it here
Erigga was in mama Chidinma bar when Juliet met him there.
Juliet: Hello.
Erigga: Juliet baby how far na.
Juliet: I'm fine, what about you.
Erigga: I just dey jhoor. So na wetin carry you come here.
Juliet: You.
Erigga: Me? If anything dey bother you just talk am.
Juliet: I have started falling for you o.
Erigga: Falling for me keh? Remember sey you be Pascal babe. Pascal fvck you up?
Juliet: No, it's just that you are better than him in almost everyway.
Erigga: Wahala fit dey na, if Pascal come find out nko.
Juliet: We can keep it a secret for now, Pascal will be relocating to
Ghana next year.
Erigga: Okay, no probs. What do you want to take?
Juliet: Anything soft, maybe just bring Fayrouz. And please can you
take me to your house tonight?
Erigga: No probem.
Erigga ordered a bottle of Fayrouz for her while he himself was
smoking and drinking heneiken. After a while they both went to the
dance floor. Their dance was electrifying, Juliet only wore a bumshot
and a purple short dress. Erigga was dancing behind her ass, they
danced till it was time to go. Erigga decided to call Pascal first, he
wanted to know his position so he pretended as if he wants to ask
about the latest development in the car sale. When he knew that all
was clear he headed to his home with Juliet.
Erigga was living in a bungalow that was built by his parents so he
could be going to school from there. He had everything he needed in
that house, he bought so many things himself. He was really a hustler.
Juliet was amazed at the standard of his living room, so neat, simple
and packaged.
Juliet: You are really living nice here.
Erigga: Thank you babe.
Juliet: Did mummy and daddy buy them for you?
Erigga: No, they just gave me the house and I decided to buy things
myself. I'm a real hustler.
Juliet: That's good, really unlike Pascal who depends on his parents
for everything.
Erigga: Na im dey dull himself, the guy no like to dey follow hustle.
Juliet: I have been advising him about that.
Erigga: Okay, so what can I offer you?
Juliet: Nothing, let's just rock.
Erigga sat ontop of the couch and Juliet sat ontop him, both of them
facing each other. They looked at each other's eye and smiled, they
started kissing and moving their hands over each other. Erigga was
only with his boxer and singlet then, he had a hard on.
He removed Juliet's dressed and saw she wasn't wearing a bra. He
started kissing her boobs and circling his tongue round her nipples,
she was moaning. She came down and brought out Erigga's d*ck and
started sucking and licking it. She did that for some time and Erigga
decided to take off her bumshot, he started licking her from behind.
Juliet was shaking and moaning with pleasure. She released inside
Erigga's mouth and Erigga used the fluid to wet her ass.
He brought out a condom but Juliet said she didn't need it. Erigga
intruded her pvssy from behind in doggy style, after some time they
turned to the cowgirl position. Juliet was much in control she was
coming fast at Erigga and she cum, she smiled at Erigga. Then they
switched over to missionary style, Erigga pounded her so fast and she
ended up moaning at the top of her voice. Erigga stood up and poured
at her belly. She used the semen to rub all over her belly.
Juliet: You are good.
Erigga: Same with you.
They chatted and both slept off.

Expect The Next Episode.

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