There Would Be No More God(s) - Zeus

I have watched the wrath of titans many times, but when I watched it
again yesterday my brain grabbed a sentenced made by Zeus (the Greek
God of thunder).
He said there would be be no more God(s).
If you watched the movie you would see that the God(s) lost their
immortality and whenever they die they would go into oblivion.
Doesn't that statement ring any bell?
What that means is that the God(s) are no longer conscious of what
happens around them, they have dissappeared into space and now
forgotten or no longer exists.
Is this the reason why no matter how you shout and pray to your God
you find out that you are just talking to yourself? Could it be why
prayers are not answered except by the power of coincidence?
This is really interesting, you might say it was just a movie but let
me tell you something the holy books are just books too.
It means the God(s) are no where to be found! They have vanished!
In the old testatment of the Bible, Yahweh always appear battle ready
but what's happening now. People pray and pray to him but he keeps
mute, does it mean that he has gone into oblivion?
Years ago our ancestors so much bragged about their deities such as
Amadioha, Sango, Ogun e.t.c. But today those God(s) don't appear to be
And what about Allah? He too much has gone into extinction for bulks
of his followers to be fighting for him.
I know this would make sense to some while others will say it is just a movie.
However, those who read with an open mind would understand what I'm
trying to point out.
Thanks for reading.

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