6 Erigga's Lines Full Of Wisdom

This life is too short to be too serious everytime, when you
experience things in life you have to learn something from it.
We all listen to songs everyday in our life, some people listen just
for the sake of the beat.
Many people categorizes artistes as good and bad.
Many critics hates Erigga because they says his bars are too raw. I'm
proudly a fan of Erigga and today I'm going to drop some of his lines
full of wisdom.
1. Temper Hot Temper Hot E No Fit Boil Yam: Here it means you can't
get something useful with anger.
2. Some Took The Elevator, Some Took The Stairs, Different
Determination But The Location Na Up There: It means that many people
that might be going or fighting for a course, not all of them does the
same thing to get there. But at the end, they all go for a common
3. Raking Na Water Na Action Naim Be Blood: Hold up! Some of you would
be quick to ascribe this to cultists slang, but wait that's because
you see Erigga as one. What it simply means is that words are not
enough to send a message but action. Some of you keep saying you would
do this or that but you don't act. He says you should act!
4. God Na Still Baba God, Devil Na Just Area Boy: In this words Erigga
shows that he is not afraid of the devil, he wants us all to see the
devil as nothing because God is better.
5. Then I bought A Watch Then I Bought Another, Then I Bought A Car
Then I Bought Another One. Na One Life I Get I No Get Another One:
Here he is telling us that material things can be bought all over
again but our life is precious and we can't buy it. He said we should
celebrate while we still live. #YOLO
6. It Doesn't Matter Where I'm Coming From, All That Matters Is Where
I'm Going To: He said we shouldn't bother about our poor background
but we should forge ahead for better things.

There are many more but I can't remember them because it has been
long. I no longer have my memory card with me for a long time, when I
remember more I would write about them.
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