6 Life Lessons To Learn From Olamide's Song "Picture"

Oh yea. The street has taken over the Nigerian music industry and
today I'm going to talk about 6 life lessons you can learn from the
song titled "Picture", sang by the voice of the street himself Olamide
Baddo! Are you a learner? Street Ti Takeover! YBNL Ti Takeover!
Enough of that, well I can't help it because I'm his fan!
Hope you have listened to the song "Picture", well you haven't I have
a download link for you at the end of this post.
Let's blaze! O'see!

1. >>We Recognize Things When We Know Their Value<<
At the beginning of the song he said "through evil we recognize the
value of good, through sickness we recognize the value of health".
That's true in life, he's trying to say we recognize things when we
know it's main usefulness and potential.
You can be a hardcore criminal today and the day you get caught you
would start regretting your actions, you would beg for mercy and
wished that you followed your mates when they were hustling legally.
Some parents supports the evil of their children and when they don't
end well, they regret their actions and wished their children were
good. It happens in all aspect of life, even in relationships. You
might leave that good guy just because he is not really socially and
you get a social guy that uses you as an experiment in his boxing
career. Their are many aspects of life that this is applicable to.
2. >>Never Underestimate Anyone<<
I say never! I repeat again never! Never underestimate anybody. You
don't don't know where they are heading to, because you see someone at
a particular place today doesn't mean that the person won't go higher.
Olamide in the song said "they can't see the picture", and also "they
didn't see the picture, don't blame me now".
The picture he was talking about was the future, people laughed at him
when he started rapping/singing. They mocked him but that didn't stop
him because he was determined and knew where he was heading to. Today
he is one of the best and biggest artistes in Nigeria and the whole of
Africa. He is doing well.
When people mock or underestimate you don't stop, just move forward
and keep doing that (good) thing because they can't see the picture.
3. >>Sucess Is A Gradual Process<<
Again in the song he said "I came into the game with my face so ugly".
Now check the above picture, is he ugly? No!
How many of you have watched Omotoshan video which he featured Wizkid,
is he still the same? No!
So my brothers and sisters just keep moving forward, success is gradual.
4. >>Express Yourself Freely<<
Yea, yea. First of all, go down low!
Can you move higher or achieve things without expressing yourself
freely? No, no, no. Olamide said in the song that he expressed himself
freely. And I bet that helped him alot.
To woo a lady you got to express yourself freely to her, to get a job
during the interview session you got to express yourself freely. If
you want to make it big you have to do same.
5. >>You Got To Acknowledge That We Are Different<<
Somewhere in the song Olamide said; "we can't do the same thing the
same way, some go smile, some go shout ewe!" We are are all unique and
we got to stay unique, follow a unique path to get achieve your goals.
I know that everyone of us wants to be sucessful, but something that
worked for someone might not work for you.
In "First Of All" he affirmed this statement by saying that one man
meat na (is) another man trouble. Erigga seconded it in "Another One"
by saying; "some took the stairs, some took the elevator, different
determinations but the location na (is) up there".
O yea, now with the above you can see that we are need to be unique
because we are all different.
6. >>We Have To Acknowledge That We Are Not Perfect<<
Oh yes, no one is perfect, we all have faults. The voice of the street
himself said he was not perfect and 100% reliable, he said he makes
mistakes. Yes, he said that in the song. You have to acknowledge that
you are not perfect, in your way to the top you might make mistakes.
But just remember that we are humans. Don't be forming Mr. Or Mrs. I
Know All.

I promised you guys the link to the song right? This is it


I hope you enjoyed reading and that you have learnt some life lessons
that the voice of the street taught us in his song "Picture". Don't
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