Comedy: Bros Good Evening

Good evening. Bros good evening. Joke done end be that o.
Hehehe let the real thing start.

It was a wrestling day during the New Yam festival, Clinton and his
girlfriend Happiness walked up to the village square.
They saw how a fat wrestler defeated five other wrestlers.
Happiness: Sweetheart you said you have a degree in boxing and wrestling right?
Clinton: Yes na, for sure. You see that fat guy? I have dealt with his type.
Happiness: Oh baby! Please challenge him.
Clinton: Eh? I don't feel like it.
Happiness: Come on.
As Happiness was busy persuading him, the referee asked if there were
any challenger, and Happiness shouted Clinton's name. The people
nearby pushed him forward.
Happiness: Baby make me proud.
Clinton: If I die na for your head.

Clinton walked up to the fat wrestler.

Clinton: Bros good evening.
He didn't reply.
Clinton: Bros good evening.
He didn't reply.
Clinton: (in his mind) which kind thing be this?
He turned back to look at his girlfriend, she was smiling. Immediately
he turned back to look at the wrestler he received a mighty blow.
Right now Clinton is in the emergency ward at the hospital.
And that's it! Hope you enjoyed. Share with your family and friends.

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