COMEDY: Clinton And The Female Banker

Clinton is back again from the long break! Who missed him?

Clinton walked to GTB, he walked to the counter and asked how he could
open a bank account with them. He was being directed to go upstairs
and meet someone that would help him.
He went up and saw two people that opens accounts, a male and a
female. The male was free while the female was busy, with what he saw
in the female he decided to wait.

Male Banker: Sir what can I do for you?
Clinton: Nothing.
Male Banker: Why are you now waiting here?
Clinton: Stop that JAMB question jhoor, I'm waiting for her.
Male Banker: I do the same work as her.
Clinton: I know but you don't have what she have.
Male Banker: Please this is an office sir.
Clinton: E concern you.

When the female banker was free Clinton walked up to her, he
immediately started scanning her body.

Clinton: Hello baby, sorry Ma'am. Can you open a bank account for me?
Female Banker: (in a sexy tone) Yes I would open it for you and you
would put something inside.
Clinton: (thinking changed to negative) Where would you open it for
me? I'm ready now.
Female Banker: Right here.
Clinton: Let's do it somewhere so your colleague wouldn't catch us.
Female Banker: What do you mean sir?
Clinton: You said you would open for me so that I would put my thing inside.

If you are the female banker what would you do?

COPYRIGHT!! This Comedy Shouldn't Be Lifted Without My Permission.
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