Comedy: Iphone 7 Wahala

Clinton is back again, who wan try?

Clinton was wearing his clothes preparing to go to work when he heard
his girlfriend saying I need Iphone7 in her sleep.
He immediately ran with the short he was wearing and packed his
working clothes and suit, he went next door.

Clinton: Livingstone open the door.
Livingstone: Ah ah, where are you going to with just your shorts and your suit?
Clinton: My girlfriend wan kill me.
Livingstone: Chineke! Wetin happen?
Clinton: She dey talk " I need Iphone7" for her dream in this Buhari era.
Livingstone: (shouts) I what?
Clinton: Iphone7!
Livingstone: Please eh, don't mention Iphone7 again because my
girlfriend is inside.

Funny niggas right?
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