Comedy: You Are Learning Bad Thing Abi

Clinton returned back from school on holiday , unexpectly he met his
Grandma in the house.
Clinton: GrandMa how you doing?
GrandMa: Look at this boy you can't greet abi? Gerarahia mehn!
Clinton: (suprised) GrandMa where did you learn that?
GrandMa: (in the local dialect) My friend would you go to your room?
Clinton: Alright Ma.

Few hours later now in the evening, Clinton brought out a medical book
where he started reading about sexual health. Immediately he got to
the sex positions part his GrandMa came in.

GrandMa: Chisos! You are learning bad thing abi.
Clinton: No Ma'am, it's a topic under my medical textbook.
GrandMa: Mechi onu (shut up), your parents must hear this. This is why
you don't go to church.
Clinton: (laughing) Nawa o.
GrandMa: Everybody must hear this. Emeka, Cynthia, mama Clinton come
and see what he is doing.
Clinton: Oya let me go and read the bible.
GrandMa: Oya quick quick.
Clinton be like Mami kuku kill me.

COPYRIGHT!! This Comedy Should Not Be Lifted Without My Permission.
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