Explanation To The Poem "The Masses"

The masses, the voice of us all. We are the masses, we elect, we
select. We vote in, we vote out. We install and remove leaders.

The poem talks much about the masses ranging from how they select leaders.

The masses are the backbone of the government, actually without the
masses there would be no government. They are the staff which the
leaders supports themselves, without the support of the masses the
leaders will fall.
Sometimes too the leaders usually come with false promises and
shortchange the masses. They make the masses to be afraid of them
instead of them to fear the masses. The bad leaders intimidates the
masses and treats them badly.
But when pushed to the wall the masses would bounce back and take the
seat of power.
The masses owns the government!

Read the poem here http://www.clintonwrites.com/2016/10/poem-masses.html

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