Explanation To The Poem "Only You Alone"

The poem which was short and brief started with a girl alone on an
Island. You know an island is isolated and covered by a body of water.
The girl on an island alone represent someone with a problem looking
everywhere for help only to discover that the more she search she
realises she's the only one that can help herself.
The vast sea she saw represent the no solution someone would see if
they try to shy away from solving their problems themselves.
After searching and searching she finally saw a boat, repaired it and
sailed home.
So the exact thing this poem is saying is that only you alone can
solve your problems. You don't have to be looking for help where you
are not going to find one, look around yourself, search deep within
yourself, the solution to your problem is you or just within you.
Depend on yourself and not others, people are not going to be always
there for you. Work yourself, solve yourself.
Thanks for reading and I hope you understood what you read.

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