Life Lesson To Learn From Ludo Game

Many of you have played many board games, you find them interesting
and always play them daily. Some games comes with lessons and maybe
others don't. The game of Ludo has many variants and I have only play
the Nigerian own.
The number one lesson in the Ludo game is "never give up". Have you
played the game?
Let me say two people are playing the game each with eight seeds, Mr.
A maybe has just one seed remaining to win the game while Mr. B might
have three or four seeds remaining. Now Mr. A has a great advantage
over Mr. B, it is more likely for Mr. A to win the game but if Mr. B
could still understand the game then there is a hope for Mr. B to win
because he doesn't give up.
How can Mr. B win? Since Mr. A has one seed it also comes with it's
disadvantages, Mr. B can use this in his own advantage. Now when Mr. A
brings out his game to play Mr. B will attack him from behind him and
race to his region and win. What it tells you is that you should never
give up even if the one or persons you are racing/competiting with are
far ahead of you at the moment, as the game of Ludo says you can
overun your fellow challengers and win.
One other thing the game teaches is that you need patience and your
aims needs to be high to overcome obstacles. If you have played the
game you would know that if an opponent blocks his house you would
need a six to pass through. And what does that tell you in life? Aim

In conclusion the game of Ludo teaches you in life to:
>> Never give up and
>> Aim higher.

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