Must Read!! Nigerian Bloggers Should Help To Make Nigeria A Better Place

Hello my fellow bloggers in Nigeria, this piece is for you people.
In Nigeria where everything seems to be going down, many things are
happening, we have the economic recession and almost everyone is
affected. Nigeria is not the only country with recession, other
countries had experienced and survived.
Now let me go to the big thing about this article, do you know that
the social media is the most powerful tool in Nigeria? Yes, it is. And
now who are those that spreads the news and information? They are the
Nigeria was given independence in 1960 October first, since then there
has been challenges. What are we bloggers doing to help Nigeria? It is
now the time for we to stand up and protect Nigeria, write interesting
but real things about Nigeria. The international community sees us
online through our reports, they be like Nigerian bloggers like just
celebrity, X-rated, unpatriotic update and so they conclude that all
Nigerians are like that. I am not saying that you shouldn't have those
type of blogs, the truth is that they are excess and the worse is that
majority of these bloggers don't know whether what they are publishing
is right or wrong.
What should make up at least 20% of Nigeria's blogosphere should be
patriotic, non-discriminatory articles and views. Hope you notice that
most bloggers intentional write articles out of hate or tribalism,
some bloggers just make up news.
Some people will be saying, don't other countries do X-rated and
celebrity blogging? Like I said earlier I am not telling you not to do
what you love (not like).
But guess what? Nigeria is in a very bad state. The orientation in the
country is bad, we bloggers have to change it. We must help Nigeria
grow in any way we can!
All these great countries became great because the citizens and also
the bloggers took a patriotic stand. We Nigerian bloggers should do
same, report the real facts about Nigeria.
I hope you all harken to my call, please don't publish any misleading
news or article. Before you press that publish button get your facts
Make Naija A Better Place. #WeLoveNaija.
Thanks for reading!

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