Must Read: Your Purpose Should Keep You Moving

You actually started doing something for a particular purpose. You are
in a relationship because you love that guy or girl, you are in a
business relationship with a company or a business partner because you
believe your business would grow through that relationship.
I am no relationship or business expert so I am going to just
generalize the theme of this write up. And please note that I'm
talking about good purposes, you know some people do things for a bad

Before I opened this particular blog I had a purpose, an aim, a vision
and passion. Back in my secondary school days I have always loved
literature and the art of writing though I am a science student. That
passion made to open this blog, that passion was re-ignited by Mr.
Abdulrasaq Nasirudeen (Dealwap). How come he did it?
I had almost laid down my passion for writing until Dealwap introduced
NCTFUN at . I opted in to be writing stories, since
that time what I almost lost came back to me. My love for the art of
What made me to write this post was what almost happened last week, I
almost shutdown this blog! Why? I was really fustrated, no time, no
data to keep updates coming fast, and also of how my site traffic was
not going the way I wanted. My whole body was in disorder. Guess why I
didn't shut the blog down. Firstly is that I remembered my purpose of
opening this blog, why I first started, the moment I remembered that I
smiled and forgot the plan.
And secondly I remembered the words of Dealwap, he always say that
only the passionate ones survives the first year of blogging. My
facebook friend David Okedion also said that something that would last
takes a long time to build.
Thirdly was the supports I get from my good friend Aphatheology, maybe
he himself don't know that those things he usually tells me highs my
morale. May Allah keep blessing him.

Are you at the point of dilema? Are you at that cross road that you
have to take a life time decision. Remember your purpose, why you
started the work/relationship/blogging, e.t.c. If you take a glance at
why you started doing something, if it is genuine my brother you
wouldn't call it quit. Your purpose should keep you moving, your love,
your passion should keep you moving.
I don't see Dealwap shutting down because he opened the
community to help Nigerian (and others) webmasters/bloggers, and he
has a passion for programming, coding and other tech stuffs. Mark
Zuckerburg wanted to make a change and he did it, he had a purpose to
connect family and friends together through Seun Osewa
also had his reason of opening, he wanted the forum to
be the voice of Nigerians.
When you are at that point of making that decision just remember why
you first started.
It would really help you to hold on and at the end you would be smiling.
Thanks for reading, and please don't forget the share buttons and the
comment box.

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