Naija@56: Open Letter To Nigerians On Independence Day

Hello Nigerians, I need not to remind you people that today marks the
56th year of our nation independence. You all know we got our
independence from our colonial masters, the British. We have to thank
them for making the process not violent but smooth.
Now it was 56years ago, what have we as a nation and citizens of the
federal republic of Nigeria achieve? It seems our problems have been
going from bad to worse, all those born in the era mostly between
1949-1963 said the country problems have been increasing, they said
the old days were great. What could have caused this trend? Remember
some of those that fought hard for Nigeria to gain indenpedence,
remember some of them like Prime Minister Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa
Balewa, the Sardauna of Sokoto Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Premier of the
Western Region Samuel Akintola, the finance minister Festus
Okotie-Eboh among others were all killed in a bloody military coup.
The problems of Nigeria seem to have started after the first military
coup, the coup destabilized the country.
The Northerners saw the first coup plotted by an Igbo man Aguiyi
Ironsi as an ethnic cleansing since many Northern officers were
killed, and also their were lots of Igbo officers in the military.
A part of the Nigerian army mostly the Northerners plotted a counter
coup which got Aguiyi Ironsi killed, it was also believed that many
Igbo officers were killed.
The army placed a new leadership Yakubu Gowon, the decision wasn't
taken lightly by the late Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu. This sparked a civil
war that lasted between 1967-1970 that ended in No Victor No
Vanquished. After that time that have been power tussles for either
ethnic, political, religious or regional interests. It would be good
for you to know that the present president of the federal republic of
Nigeria ended a democratically elected government of Shehu Shagari, he
unlawfully overthrowned a man elected by the people He have now
surfaced years after to be the president of this humble nation.
What you have to know is that the military coups brought corrupt
government to Nigerians, the coups were carried out of selfish
interests which is seen in our present day politicians and so called
national and state leaders.
But Nigerians I bring a message of hope! A message that we would reach
the promise land, we will reach where everyone would say that they are
proudly Nigerians. We can only reach that promise land through
ourselves, we own this nation. The government should be afraid of it's
own people and not the people being afraid of their own government, a
government that they themselves brought into power.
Let me tell you something, before you keep blaming the government for
everything that happens you are doing wrong. What have you done to
change yourself? What future do you see for our great nation? Are you
determined to make Nigeria a better place? Are you religious, ethnic
or political tolerant?
We the citizens should stop playing partisan politics, when a
particular government or political party says or does what is wrong,
we should as one united Nigerians fight against it with one voice.
United we stand, divided we fall.

We Nigerians have to take destiny into our own hands, if we don't we
would remain underdeveloped and called a third world country. We must
work fair together to make the country a better place. Let me tell you
one thing again, if we don't build the Nigeria of our dream, our
children might not forgive us. We musn't make the mistakes of the
past! Let us unite and send bad leaders packing, let's fight for bills
that would favour the common man on the street to be passed into law.
We should fight for national equality, let our youths be represented.
We should make sure that only credible people are voted for as our
leaders in a free and fair election. We should stand against election
rigging and other political vices.
Remember our politicians uses the divide and rule system to cause
trouble among ourselves. We should resist that knowing that united we
stand and divided we fall.
Hope you have said the national anthem this morning.
Happy Independence day Nigerians, have a nice day.
Thank you!


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