POEM By Pablo: Game Of Life

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Kissing is a habit
Sex is a game
The boys got all the pleasure
The girls get all the pains
The boys say i love you
The girls believe it true
But when the tommy start to swell
The boys says to hell with you
Three minutes of pleasure
Nine months in pains
The baby is born without a name
The baby is a bastard
The mother is a prostitute
All this woud not have happened
If the thunder had not turned.
Be Wise, So that you won't be Used.
Its a Taboo if you Bring any Child to this World to
Suffer, without a reliable father,
if you bring any child to this world to Answer A
Bastard, You will be responsible for that child's
Cries. and you shall pay for it.
Any Destiny you make Unaccomplished You will
not go scot free.
Be wise

This poem was written by Wf John Pablo, meet him here
https://mobile.facebook.com/itzyounqjohn on facebook.

COPYRIGHT!! This Poem Is The Property Of It's Author So It Shouldn't
Be Lifted Without His Permission.
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