POEM: The Masses

Heads in the multitude
Voices in the crowd
Many in the rallies
Few in the party
The backbone of the centre
The makers of the kings
The staff of the rulers
The rock of the leaders
And the league of readers

The masses
Like the sun makes the land bright
So does the masses makes the leaders stand
So does the masses brings light to democracy
And the foundation of leadership

The masses gets shortchanged by their leaders
Leaders who came on board with false promises
False Manifestos
Filled with deceits and lies
They take advantages of the masses plight to cheat them
The masses becomes afraid of them instead of them being afraid of the masses

But the masses got a limitation to reach
They have an elastic limit
They would fight back
And take back the seat of power
They would make the next government to be afraid of them
The masses feed the nation
The masses pays tax
The masses makes or destroy a government
Bless the masses

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