Rap Freestyle: Common Sense

All works and no play makes Jack a dull boy. I just want to have fun,
so I thought of dropping a freestyle.

Ben bruce dey preach common sense
Niggas dey see am as a sentence
Trust me, the sense can lead you through the tempest
You know it's ain't common
I got wings like an angel and I got subjects I summon

No be everybody wey get suit sabi wear am
No be every craze man dey wear rag
No be every protest police dey spray tear gas
Person wey eat tiger people dey fear am.

I represent Nigeria
Let's make things work in all area
Use your common sense
And no dey see the two words mix as just a sentence.

We can make this country fly nigga
Make the colour fly like a smoke coming from the cigar
Making the streets and slumps looking dapper
Respecting our mamas and papas

Use your common sense
Let fly high as one
See the past as a past tense
And let all Nigerians come together as one

COPYRIGHT!! This Freestyle Shouldn't Be Lifted Without My Permission.
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