Rap Freestyle: Naija Bloggers

Naija bloggers be like I'm not doing it for money
But they check their adsense accounts every ten minutes so funny
Them be like I got the passion
But bros even person wey never enter saloon dey blog fashion
Them self no dey chop banana but na Aunty Linda mansion them need
Them no send you jhor
When you tell them sey Aunty Linda start to see money after four years
them be like who you help?
Who send you self

Aunty Linda, Aunty Linda
Your mansion ti cause trouble
Me sey dey double my hustle
Aunty you too try jhoor
Smellos be hating jhoor

If Dealwap preach from now to next year
Bloggers go still no dey unique, them be like I go make am next year
Dealwap says unique content
Niggas say Ctrl+C and V, them no send

Naija bloggers be copying articles without giving credit to the original writer
Them no know sey there blog fit shutdown kuz of those stolen articles

Aunty Linda, Aunty Linda
Your mansion don cause trouble
Me self dey double my hustle
No mind smellos
Them go be the ones saying hello

The way newbies dey rush into blogging this days tire me
See wetin banana island cause, e just tire me
Copy and paste no good
I know sey you dey hustle for food
Try to be unique Naija bloggers
Naija bloggers wan be like Aunty Linda under 3 months
Those kind bloggers blog dey die jhor

Them be using names like browsingtweaks for story site
Them dey copy articles so tey them copy comments join

Good bloggers dey sha
Aunty Linda top for Naija me no lie sha
I be climbing the ladder to the top
Even if the wind strong I no go stop
Naija bloggers be repping the hood
Na them be the voice of the common
They uphold the freedom of speech
Shouts outs to the good bloggers here in Naija

ADVICE: Before you update a news review it first before you publish as
it can lead you into trouble, shouts out to the unique and good
bloggers like me.
Please those doing copy and paste should change, be unique!
Please don't forget the share button.
Thanks for reading!

COPYRIGHT!! This Freestyle Should Not Be Lifted Without My Permission.
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