Story: Alone Season 2, Episode 4

If you haven't read the episode 3 of this season read it here
A crowd surrendered the hotel at midnight shouting he is here, he is
here, find him. They started hitting the hotel gate with axe and other
equipment. They broke through, since the security men couldn't stand
the crowd they ran away. They broke into the receptionist hall, they
took the key to my room. They broke the door and made for me in the
I woke up! It was just a dream, my whole body was shaking. I looked at
the time, it was 10:03am. I had woke up late, maybe due to excess
alcohol I took last night. I immediately had my bath and brushed up.
I went to the hotel restuarant and ordered for food, my favourite
Nigerian meal, fufu and okro soup. When I was done I watched TV before
heading back to my room.
What was the meaning of the dream I had? Could it be that my identity
would be revealed soon? That means I have to act really fast or I
might not be able to have my vengeance. I cleared the thought out of
my mind and assumed that it was just a dream.
So I stepped out of the hotel at noon, first of all I thought I would
need a gun. I asked someone if he knew where bad boys stay and he
directed me.
I reached the neighbourhood there and it was filled with the smell of
I knew when I reached there I would need to behave like them to get what I want.
Boy 1: Stop there! Who are you looking for?
Me: I needed something and someone directed me here.
Boy 2: Na this thing you want? (pointing at the marijuana in his hand)
Me: No, I want this (demostrating a gun with my fingers)
Boy 1: Oh! Na easy deal. Go inside that room, you would see a guy
called Tunde, just tell him.
Me: Okay, thank you.
I walked inside the room and met a fair guy. He was the Tunde, he sat
me down and offered a cup of coffee to me which I accepted but didn't
drink it.
Tunde: You must be looking for a gun.
Me: Yes, exactly.
Tunde: Are you a hired assasin or what?
Me: No I'm not, it's just about a vegeance mission.
Tunde: Oh, I see. Your girlfriend got murdered?
Me: No, it was my mentor (I lied once again to protect my identity)
Tunde: Sorry bro, so what type do you want?
Me: Just a pistol and 10 bullets
Tunde: Alright, that's worth N100.70kobo (things were cheap then in the 90's)
Me: Okay.
I paid him N110. He gave me the gun and 10 bullets. I left that place
after buying drinks for the boys there and we all discussed many
When I left there it was the 15th hour of the day, it wasn't yet the
17th hour I was suppose to see the pastor. So I went for lunch in a
local bar. I had learnt how to shoot guns from a white man back in
Port Harcourt. I and others engaged in a discussion about the criminal
system in the country and how justice was not given to the common man.
I excused them when it was 16:30 GMT+1.
I arrived the church when the evening service hadn't started but the
pastor was present. I went to him, he took me to the back of the
Pastor: My son, how are you today?
Me: I'm fine sir.
Pastor: Who are you first?
Me: I'm a press man, I work for one of the national dallies. I came to
investigate the death of a whole family that got their car burnt too.
Pastor: My son, that's a serious matter. We live in fear here.
Me: What fear sir?
Pastor: A fulani has influence over this town.
Me: This is just between me and you sir.
Pastor: Okay my son, I will tell you all I know.
Me: Thank you sir.
Pastor: It all started when a pastor who is late now and was the head
of this church made the police to stop the burning of a woman. A
fulani got angry and led his people and they beat the pastor to near
death. The pastor's wife and children ran away. The pastor later died.
Since that time the fulani man vowed that the entire family of the man
will die with his hands. Few week ago he got a news that the late
pastor's wife was in town, he also led his boys and they butchered the
late pastor's wife and her new family.
Me: (feeling moody) What did the police do after the case was reported to them?
Pastor: They did nothing. A fulani man is also the head of the police
in this town, so he covered up for his brother.
Me: Thank you very much pastor, I think that would be all for now.
Pastor: Okay, thank you my son.

I left the church, it was evening now. I went to my hotel room, I had
goten two things that day. The gun and the news. I would continue my
findings till the next day.


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