Story: Alone Season 2, Episode 5

If you haven't read the episode 4 of this season, please read it here
The next day was my third in Lagos and I was determined to make it the
last if I found the fulani man vulnerable. I stepped out of the hotel
very early around 07:01am, I was heading to the bad boys hood. If
anyone knew who runs the town then it would definitely be them.
I got there and the scent of the place was just filled with the smell
of marijuana and other drugs. Someone stopped me at the entrance.
Boy: Oga where you dey go?
Me: I just came to hang out with you guys.
Boy: Eh? You no know sey at this time sey all of us dey high eh.
Me: Sorry, I didn't know.
Boy: Oya sit down there.
When I was about to have my seat a bike passed by carrying the fulani
man, I wanted to rush and kill him that moment but I would be lynched.
Yes the residents at the area would have chased after me and I knew
nowhere, like I said before things had changed since I left Lagos
years ago. I kept my cool and asked the boy who told to sit about who
the man was.
Boy: Oga we no dey give information free for here, drop something.
I gave him cash and he smiled and chuckled.
Boy: Oga o, tuale! You too much!
Me: Thank you.
Boy: You see that werey wey just pass here? Naim dey run this town.
Everybody dey fear am.
Me: Really? What sorts of authority does he command?
Boy: That nigga get boys, e dey arm them. Na we be the only resistance
e get. Our problem be sey naim younger bros head the police for this
Me: So you people have no plan on how to overthrow him?
Boy: Relax! I no know who you be!
Me: I will like to get involved.
Boy: You sure?
Me: Yes.
Boy: Okay, mai take you to chairmo Tunde.

He led me to the same room I met Tunde the last time.
Boy: Chairmo, this gentleman wan tell you something.
Tunde: Okay, you can leave.
I was left alone with Tunde, since I had now known that he was against
the fulani man I told him all that happened and the real reason I came
to Lagos. He smiled and said I would be part of them, he said since I
had lost my family to the fulani man I would personally kill him. But
he said I would have to sleep with multiple girls that night to make
sure I had my own offspring incase things go bad to which I agreed. He
told me they had a plan that night to invade the fulani's man domain.
After our discussion he introduced me to the boys, we all shooked
hands and I went back to the hotel to get ready for the night deed.


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