Story: Alone Season 2, Episode 6

If you haven't read the episode 5 of this season, please read it here
It was night, and I had made my preparations. I bought energy drink so
I could fully do a part of what I had to do that night. I knew the
mission was going to be successful, I told the hotel management that I
wouldn't be coming back, that the room was free for another custor to
use. I walked down to the bad boys hood and I reached there around
08:07pm. The boys were all ready! But as agreed I had to sleep with
three girls to make sure I leave a descendant just in case I didn't
make it back. The ladies were called to join me in the room prepared
for us, they were all ebony ladies, sweet and beautiful. We all talked
a little and then we had se.x it had been a long time I did so when I
first ejaculated inside the first lady I moaned loudly. I proceeded
with the others and we were done within two hours. They gave me their
names as Aisha, Temi and Chinyere. It was my first time of lying down
with random girls.
I stepped out and met the others outside, Tunde said he had something to say.
Tunde: Today brothers we are going to fight and liberate this town
from that foolish, wretched and wicked fulani man. We will crush him
and his boys! We will show them why we are called the Unstoppables, we
will devour them all and leave their bodies for animals to feed on.
One of us is here for vengeance (he pointed at me), if anyone of you
catches the fulani man you should get his attention so that he can
have his vengeance. Ogun be with us.
We all left with bikes, and when we were few houses away from the
fulani man we all alighted. We saw two police cars so Tunde sent a boy
Robo to spy in. He returned back telling us that the fulani man was
having a discussion with his brother in the present of ten police
officers. We will crush them all said Tunde. I loaded my gun, we
waited for Tunde signal to break the gate and enter inside, some will
jump through the fence.
While we were waiting I overheard the fulani man discussing with his brother.
Fulani Man: Brother you are doing a good work, the people here are afraid of me.
His Bro: Kai! That's nothing brother.
Fulani Man: Alright, you would help me influence the upcoming election
in this town. Let my candidates win.
His Bro: That's no problem.
At that moment we got signal from Tunde and we broke through the gate,
others through the fence. The boys shot at everyone on sight except
the fulani man, I didn't shoot because I was preserving my bullets for
the fulani man.
It was as if they were jazzed! They were all taken down within minutes
and the fulani man laid down shaken with fear. I tapped him up to
kneel down.
Me: Do you remember me?
Fulani Man: No.
Me: You killed a pastor sometime ago, I am his heir.
Fulani Man: Ah! Have mercy on me, I didn't mean to do it.

With tears and grief in my eyes I shot him ten times on his fore head
and he dropped dead! The others cheered me, at that moment pictures of
my family flashed my mind.
The boys chanted and we headed back to their hood. I thanked Tunde for
his assistance, I was to sleep there till morning because I had told
the hotel that I wouldn't be coming back.
After the vengeance what was left of me? So I thought.


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