Story: Alone Season 2, Episode 7 (The End)

If you haven't read the episode 6 of this season, please read it here
At the beginning of this my brief story telling I wrote about being in
cell because of murder. That happened at South Africa, it was after I
left Nigeria. After my vengeance, I will have no much time to write
about it because of my sentence of the murder.
After the night of the vengeance I stayed with Tunde so I can have the
time to book a flight to South Africa, Cape Town.
I must die in my father land and that was my reason of going to South
Africa, my plan was to commit suicide but it took another turn.
This is where my story telling ends.
I left Tunde and flew to Cape Town after three days. I knew nowhere, I
had bribed an official so that I could pass with my gun. The gun I
wanted to use.
I entered Cape Town, I had changed my Nigerian currency to that of
South Africa. I entered a restaurant and had a taste of the local
delicacy there.
Freedom! Freedom! I shouted as I was about to pull the trigger and
blow my head off.
As I was about to do that I saw people running, so I hid myself.
After everywhere had been calm I came out and asked a local what had
happened. He said a white man Melford who was very influential was in
the area, he said they ran because the man hated the local there. I
asked him if he knew where the man was and he said he was in the
restaurant I left.
I thought to myself, atleast I got to do something good before I die.
I went to the restaurant and saw that his security were inside while
he was alone with a young girl. I went near him and shot him in the
head ten times, the girl screamed! The gunshots attracted the security
men, I thought they would kill me at spot but they instead handcuffed
They threw me inside a black van, I could see the locals rejoicing, oh
yea, freedom.
They took me to a secret court where I was confirmed guilty, but they
left me for 3days so that the family of the man can see me before they
take me to the firing squad.
And tommorow is that day, I have taken two days to write this my brief
story. I got no regrets, I am ALONE and I need freedom. I am facing
the firing squad tommorow. Thanks to you all reading this.

Abeg o, this story is fictional and I am not the one in the story.
Hope you people enjoyed it all.
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