[Story] Emeka: The Journey Of Life (Season 2, Episode 6)

If you haven't read the episode 5 of this season please read it here


After the principal and the two boys returned back to the village, the
former SSS3 students trooped to the school the next day to check their
results. And as expected it was excellent, it was also an opportunity
for the former students to meet each other. The only person absent
there was Gospel, he had ran away with some of his parents money.
There were rumours that he ran to Lagos, others said he is using the
money to start a marijuana business and so many others. Well that was
not a problem for Emeka and the others, for them it would be a
reminder of what happened in the past. Over the past weeks the
friendship bond between the trio, Emeka, Okoro and Akin had grown
They were walking on their way home after checking their excellent
results, Akin was busy describing to Okoro how Port Harcourt looked
They met Grace on their way.
Grace: Hello boys.
Emeka: Grace, Grace I can see that you are full of smiles.
Akin: Why wouldn't she be smiling when she is going to finish the fufu
and chicken peppersoup prepared by her mother.
Okoro: Let us follow her so we can have our share.
Grace: Eh? You people should not come oh. You guys eat worse than a hungry lion.
Emeka: I trust Akin in that part.
(They all laughed)
Grace: So what's you guys plan since you have seen your results.
Akin: By the grace of God I would be getting admission next year.
Okoro: Well, I'm going to do criminology first and then go to the
police academy.
Grace: Wow! That's good. Emeka what of you?
Emeka: I'm going to the city to live with my uncle.
Grace: What? What about your education?
Emeka: When I save enough money I would start. And beside it was my
father's decision to send me to the city.
Grace: Ah! I pray all will be well with you.
Emeka: Thank you.
They all went to their various destinations at a junction.
As Emeka was heading home all his mind was on his visit to the city.
How would his uncle see him? Right from childhood he had seen the
uncle as a wicked man. Has he changed? Well time would tell when he
gets there.
When he reached home his mum and two sisters were busy preparing his
belongings. They have started his preparation earlier.
Tommorow was the day, he would head to the city the next day. It could
mark the beginning of a good life or a bad one. Only time would tell.


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