[Story] Emeka: The Journey Of Life (Season 2, Episode 7)

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It was morning, and it was a day Emeka had been waiting for after his
father had earlier informed him. That morning his mum and sister woke
very early around 5am to prepare a very delicious local meal. It was
7am and all was set, all bags and luggage packaged. Emeka father would
be following him so that he could also familarise himself with the
place. The entire family surrounded Emeka and they all prayed for him.
After that Emeka and his father boarded a car to the Ahoada park where
they would find a bus that would take them to Port Harcourt. When they
got to the Ahoda park they waited for their bus to get filled up
first, the park was opposite a mosque and they could see muslims
trooping in and out of the mosque.
His father bought a bunch of banana and two bottles of groundnuts at
the park, they would eat it on their way inside the car.
As soon as they moved from the park heavy torrents of rain descended,
in no less that five minutes the environs was filled with water as if
it had been raining for the past two hours. When they got to Choba
there was just a drizzle there, his father kept on telling him about
the places the bus had passed. They reached Port Harcourt around
01:14am, his uncle had been waiting for them at the car park. When he
saw them he rushed and helped them carry their luggage, he greeted
them and accompanied them to his home.
When they reached his home Emeka could not believe his eyes, it was a
three storey mansion with a powerful gate. Inside was a fleet of cars.
Even Emeka's father was surprised, when uncle Jumbo noticed it he told
them it was nothing. He led them inside the living room, his wife
joined them and they exchanged greetings. Uncle Jombo's wife served
their visitor eba and well made vegetable soup. Emeka and his Dad
finished it in no time. Emeka's father was called Banker by his
Banker: I have to go now, there is no much time again.
Jumbo: Ah, ah, so fast.
Banker: Yes, I would have to attend a meeting early tommorow morning.
Jumbo: No problem then.
Uncle Jombo handed a brown envelope to Emeka's father which he
accepted and thanked him.
Jumbo accompanied Emeka's father out while his wife took care of Emeka.

This is just the begining of another life for Emeka.


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