[Story] Emeka: The Journey Of Life (Season 2, Episode 8)

If you haven't read the episode 7 of this story please read it here
Emeka was waken up by his uncle's wife around 6am, she told him to get
up and get ready for a trip. Emeka wonder what trip that was, atleast
he would have taken a better look at the house that day. It came
through his mind that he didn't see his uncle children the day he
arrived, maybe they schooled in a boarding school, he thought. Emeka
became worried when Beatrice his uncle's wife came back to the room
and told him that he would be needing all his belongings during the
trip, what sort of trip is this? he said in his mind.
He prepared as fast as he could, he met uncle Jumbo and aunty Beatrice
outside waiting for him. A stranger he didn't see the first day was
busy talking with his uncle. After few minutes they shooked hands and
the stranger went inside the house while the trio went out of the
house with a taxi already waiting for them.
Jumbo: Emeka do you have a phone?
Emeka: No, sir.
Jumbo: Ehyah, I think I will buy one for you after we return.
Emeka: Thank you sir.
Jumbo: This trip will be the beginning of a new life for you, you
would do what real men does.
Emeka: I can't wait.
Jumbo: That's my boy.
They drove till 12 noon and they got to a village in Bayelsa, the taxi
went back and the trio started trekking to where uncle Jumbo said
would be there abode.
They got to a block house with zinc as it gate and uncle Jumbo said
"home! Sweet home!
Emeka heart skipped! What do you mean uncle? Emeka asked?
Jumbo: Oh, I forgot to tell you, this is my home. My real home.
Emeka: You deceived I and my father.
Jumbo: Why wouldn't I? Don't you people see me as a wicked man?
Because I promised him that you would learn a big trade he immediately
brought you to me.
Emeka: Please send me back home.
Jumbo: No, no no, tommorow I would introduce you to my boys and my
bosses. We just started harvesting our weed farm.
Jumbo's two children came out and hugged him, a girl and a boy. The
boy was like 16 and the girl 14 year old.
Emeka was wondering how they got tricked.
Beatrice pushed him inside the house. He saw many boys armed with guns
and he fainted.


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