[Story] Emeka: The Journey Of Life (Season 2, Episode 9)

If you haven't read the episode 8 of this season please read it here
Emeka was revived, he saw many eyes staring at him. He saw no guns
now. Jumbo had instructed the boys to hide their weapons, a very
heavily built man raised him up.
Jumbo: Young man I don't need you to be fainting. You will have many
works to do, you will see more bad things. I mean it, very very very
bad things. So go to the room that has been prepared for you, meet us
during dinner. You will start work tommorow.
Emeka: Uncle please, what have I done to deserve this?
Jumbo: Shut your mouth up? I don't want to hear any more please from
you again. You will meet many boys of your age tommorow. Now go inside
your room.
A Balotelli look-alike also nicknamed Balotelli grabbed Emeka to the
room prepared for him. His belongings were already there. He layed
down at the bed crying. This wasn't what he expected, his friends Akin
and Okoro would think that he had succesfully started learning the
trade, the vices which he hated he would be likely forced to do them.
He sighed!
At 7pm he was called for dinner, Jumbo, his wife and two children were
already there eating. He didn't want to eat at first but since he
wouldn't like to appear dull the next day he ate.
Jumbo: See Emeka, I am allowing you to stay under the same roof with
me because you are my relation. Other boys like you are staying at
thatch houses in the forest. So behave yourself, no one can escape.
Emeka didn't reply him he quickly ate his food and left.
Meanwhile, that night back at the village Okoro and Akin were talking
about Emeka.
Okoro: Emeka must be a big boy now.
Akin: Yes o, his father said the uncle has a very big mansion and nice
cars. He even gave him N20,000 to come back home with.
Okoro: Wow, Emeka will surely come back home rich.
Akin: I think so too, but I'm just thinking something.
Okoro: And what's that?
Akin: Emeka said his uncle was a wicked man, I wondered when he
changed. I'm thinking maybe, I'm just thinking.
Okoro: Hmm, I hope it's not what I am thinking too.
Akin: Let wish the best for him.
Okoro: Yea, sure. Emeka will surely be okay. Let's meet tommorow.
Morning came and Emeka was waken up around 6am, he prepared as his
uncle instructed him to and they had their breakfast. After that they
took some minutes ride into the forest.
When they got there the other boys had already woken up and had
started harvesting.
Jumbo introduce Emeka to Yusuf who was in charge there, and they
taught Emeka how to harvest the weed. Jumbo said he had other business
to attend to so he would come back during evening to pick Emeka.
During noon the boys had a break and they were given bread and sachet
water. They gathered together except Emeka, but when he heard "escape"
he went towards them.
Emeka: I'm interested in what you people are talking about.
Boy 1: Sshh, lower your voice down.
Emeka: (low tone) Okay.
The boys all introduced themselves to Emeka as he also did same.
They all had a plan to escape that night to Cameroon. One of the boys
there Joseph said they would escape the forest and sneak inside a
truck that was heading there. And since Emeka was interested he would
have to wait for them at the town junction around 02:00am. All plan
was set and they returned back to work.


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