Story: Erigga Season 1, Episode 7 (18+)

Please this story is fictional and doesn't potray the character of the
Erigga you know.
It is written mainly in pidgin english.
If you haven't read the episode 6, read it here
After their sex escapades the last night, Juliet left the house.
Erigga was alone deep in his thoughts, he was thinking...
"My dream have become true, so after many girls left me because I'm a
hustler naim this angel just come enter my life. Walai! I no go miss
this chance, see luck. The Gods of my village I throw salute for una.
Pascal go move next year, that one mean sey we go still dey do hide
hide. Sha God dey, nothing dey happen."
His phone rang and it was Papilo on the line.
Erigga: Eh, bros how far na.
Papilo: I dey o, so how body.
Erigga: Body dey inside cloth jhoor.
Papilo: Good, e be like sey our business go soon click.
Erigga: Which business?
Papilo: Ah ah, you no dull like this na. The car nko.
Erigga: No mind me jhoor I just tire.
Papilo: Eh, tire? Na wetin you do last night? You go ashawo quarter?
Erigga: Ha, I don pass that level na. Na house things.
Papilo: I believe you jhoor.
Erigga: I hear, you say the business go soon click. Where the buyer from.
Papilo: Na one Alhaji wey from Ogun wan buy am.
Erigga: Correct, the yeye lecturer no fit trace am go there. So which
price una beat?
Papilo: Nna e, as I just wan sell am sharp sharp we just make deal for 800k.
Erigga: Ah ah, just 800k? You know sey we go do some changes for the car.
Papilo: I done tell the Alhaji him sey naim go do am.
Erigga: Cool sha, no shaking. We go see today sha abi.
Papilo: Yes na.
Erigga: Wait, you don call Pascal?
Papilo: No, I go call am after this call.
Erigga: Alright na, no shaking bros.
They ended the call.
Erigga was preparing to go to the hostel when his iphone7 vibrated, it
was a message from Juliet. And it read "I am going to do something
Erigga was thinking, "what is it that this girl wants to do now? Abi
she had set me up yesterday? Was she sent by Pascal to know whether I
can sleep with her at his back? No shaking sha"
Erigga left to the hostel his friend stays at DELSU, he knocked at the
door and a fair fat guy opened it not too wide.
FatGuy: Who are you looking?
Erigga: Shu, na me you dey ask this big question? I never see you
before for this room, na me suppose ask you this question. Which level
na? Eh.
FatGuy: Can't you politely answer a question?
Erigga: I go call my boys for you o.
FatGuy: Sorry, I just bought a space in this room from somebody.
Erigga: Terry dey inside?
FatGuy: Yes, but he is sleeping.
Erigga: Oya comot for road mai pass.
The fat guy went back, Erigga reached Terry's bed and tapped him.
Terry: (half asleep) Na who dey disturb me this afternoon?
Erigga: Na your grandfather.
Terry: Oh, mad man na you.
Erigga: So you dey here dey sleep naim that fat cow dey throw me query.
Terry: No mind that idiot.
Erigga: So na wetin dey happen for school.
Terry: Na just sey lecturer Linus buy new car after armed robbers
attack am for hotel. But e dey find who go help am trace the car,
niggas suggest am to you.
Erigga: You see that man? E dey carry people babes anyhow. Maybe one
of them revenge.
Terry: E fit be so sha, nothing dey sha I for offer you something.
Erigga: Forget, I come pay you for that drawing.
He brought out 10k and gave it to Terry.
Terry: Na free I do am for you o.
Erigga: Bone that thing.
Terry: Thank you bros.
Erigga: No shaking, mai start to dey walka.

Erigga left, as soon as he stepped out of the school gate he got a
text from Juliet saying "I'm at your house now".

Erigga rushed down and met Juliet at his house, when she saw him she
ran towards him and they hugged each other.
He noticed there were bruises on her face.
Erigga: Baby, what happened to your face?
Juliet: I told you I would do something stupid right?
Erigga: Yes.
Juliet: For a long time Pascal has been cheating on me, so I said it
was over and I also called him a name he hates most. So he punched me
many times and I managed to escape. He said he would kill me. So baby
I'm yours.
Erigga: I love that but we need to deceive Papilo for sometime.
Juliet: Well I would just tell him that I'm hiding from Pascal because
he said he was going to kill me.
Erigga: You are good babe.
Juliet: Thank you.
They both embraced each other and entered the living room.


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