Story: Erigga Season 1, Episode 8 (18+)

Please this story is fictional and doesn't potray the character of the
Erigga you know.
It is written mainly in pidgin english.
If you haven't read the episode 7 of this story read it here
After all that had happened that day, Erigga was watching T.V with
Juliet in his livingroom when he received a call from an unknown
number. He okay the call and was silent waiting for the caller to
speak first, after a few seconds the caller spoke.
Erigga: Eh? Who's on the line?
Lec. Linus: It's me lecturer Linus.
Erigga: (pretending) Which lecturer Linus?
Lec. Linus: The one in DELSU.
Erigga: Oh, sir. Is that you?
Lec. Linus: Yea, I have a deal for you. My car is missing and I have
searched every police station yet I didn't see it.
Erigga: Police station? Na police take your car?
Lec. Linus: I think so. You see the police men are so corrupt, they
might have sold it. I need you to track the buyer so that I can sue
those policemen.
Erigga: No wahala, but sha you go drop mobilisation fee.
Lec. Linus: No prob, just send your account details.
Erigga: No wahala.
After the call Erigga laughed a lot.
Erigga: (to Juliet) This lecturer na mugu.
Juliet: Which one?
Erigga: Linus na.
Juliet: Is he the one that called you now?
Erigga: Yes.
Erigga told her about what they talked about, she told Erigga to be a
little careful.
When Erigga asked for her account details so he could send it to the
lecturer as his own she said he would know, she said the lecturer has
her account number so it wasn't safe to send it. Erigga also couldn't
send his own since he used it the last time they set up the lecturer.
Erigga: (to Juliet) I think I will have to send him Pascal's account number.
Juliet: Hmm, Pascal is in a very bad mood right now.
Erigga: Forget na my guy.
Juliet: He would be at Mama Chidinma's bar now.
Erigga: Okay.
Erigga left his house that night with a dagger in case of any hostility.
He went down to the bar and saw that Papilo was with Pascal seriously
in a discussion.
Erigga: Niggas how far na?
Pascal: We dey. So na wetin you bring come?
Erigga: Good news sha, that lecturer ma mugu.
Papilo: Na wetin e do again?
Erigga: E call me sey mai help am track the car.
Pascal: Na real yeye man be that.
Erigga: I ask am for mobilisation fee sha, na person wey I go use him
account details I dey find.
Papilo: Na wetin do your own?
Erigga: Naim I use for that first time na.
Pascal: So you for no reach here if you never use am?
Erigga: Shoo, why not? Una be my guys na. Na the lecturer be the last
person wey call me. Wait I dey come.
Erigga left the bar to urinate, he had left his phone on the table.
Pascal and Papilo took the phone and copied the lecturer's number
before Erigga came back.
Erigga: Oya between una two na who go give me him own.
Pascal: We no carry am for head. We go send am when we reach house.
Erigga: (being suspicious) Okay na, mai dey go.
When Erigga left Papilo and Pascal engaged in a discussion.
Pascal: Make we deal with Erigga, e don take my babe away.
Papilo: How?
Pascal: We go call the lecturer sey we know who set am up. We go ask
am to to give us cash before we talk.
Papilo: Me no too like Erigga sha. As far as sey money dey inside sha
I dey involved.
Pascal: Oya, we go show am.
Papilo: No shaking.


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