Story: Erigga Season 1, Episode 9 (18+)

Please this story is fictional and doesn't potray the character of the
Erigga you know.
It is written mainly in pidgin english.
If you haven't read the episode 8 of this story, please read it here
Erigga woke up around 05:00am because of disturbing footsteps, he
patted Juliet to wake up. She asked what the problem was and Erigga
told her to listen closely, when she heard the footsteps fear gripped
Erigga went near his windom and opened the curtain, he saw that
policemen had surrounded the place.
Erigga: Na police o.
Juliet: Do you have problem with anyone?
Erigga: No, nobody at all.
Juliet: I suspect Pascal.
Erigga: E fit no be am, we two and Papilo gist last night na.
Juliet: You can't read someone's mind. I don't want to be taken away from you.
Erigga: See eh, no matter anything wey happen just live a normal life.
Nothing do you my dear. Mai call my guys.
Erigga called Papilo and Pascal three times on the phone yet none of
them picked their calls.
Erigga: Them no gree answer me o. I been suspect them small last night. Go hide.
Juliet: What of you?
Erigga: I no fit do anything na, them go catch me so mai jejely follow them.
Juliet: Ha! I will follow you.
Erigga: No, go hide.
They heard a knock on the door and Juliet ran to hide.
Erigga: Who goes there?
PM1: It is the police.
Erigga: Any problem?
PM1: Open the door!
Erigga: Shoo.
PM2: (with a harsh voice) open the door or we will force our way in.
Erigga opened the door and many policemen entered inside his house.
PM1: You are under arrest, anything you say would be used against you
in the court of law.
Erigga stayed mute and they handcuffed him. The other policemen came
out, they didn't see Juliet so they drove Erigga to the police
It was not until 09:10am that Erigga was brought out of the cell, his
body was red because of the beating he had received when brought to
the station.
They led him to a small room where a man was waiting for him, he was
left with the man in the presence of two policemen.
Officer John: Hello, are you Sam Chibuike?
Erigga: Yes.
Officer John: Do you know why you are here?
Erigga: No.
Officer John: You stole a car from a lecturer in your school, lecturer Linus.
Erigga: I didn't steal any car.
Officer John: Well we got two witnesses, you know them. Papilo and
Pascal are the two witnesses, they were there when you stole the car.
Erigga: (surprised, so he had to tell the truth) Yes, I did stole the
car but it was I and the both of them.
Officer John: Really? They were the witnesses lecturer Linus brought.
We will bring them for questioning later, and you have to defend that
in court tommorow. Goodluck.
Erigga was led back to his cell.
At noon he received a vistor, they were Terry and Martha. Martha was a
very close friend to Juliet.
Terry: Mahn, I hope sey you no do that thing o.
Erigga: I do am, na me and Pascal with Papilo do am. But them don fvck me up.
Terry: Chai, and them wan take you go court tommorow.
Martha said she had a message from Juliet, she had ran to Rivers
state. She told Erigga how Pascal and Papilo convinced the lecturer
that it was only him that stoled the car, and the lectured had hired
lawyers that would defend them.
After the time given to them by the policemen was over Terry and
Martha left the station, and Erigga was accompanied back to his cell.
He would be heading to the court the next day.


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