These Are The Reasons Why I Left Christianity

Good afternoon readers, yea I was a christian guy. Maybe that was
because I was born into a christian home, but you know what? I'm no
longer a christian, I dumped christianity! I got my reasons, and I'm
going to let it out so you can know.
I'm tire of pretending to be a christian everytime man.
Note: Anytime I mention Jehovah am also referring to Jesus because he
said "I and my father are one".
The christians believe that the bible is the word of God, some said
christianity began in the new testament forgetting that Jesus said I
and my father are one.

Jehovah was the direct opposite of what is called a loving father. If
Jehovah was God while did he call only the Israelites his children and
call the rest gentiles. Jehovah was a God of war just like Ares Or
Kratos. He led the Israelites to kill both women and children, young
and old. Can God do that? This shows that Jehovah wasn't loving. He is
a wicked being. Someone that loves all can't do those things.

2. >>Jehovah Lacked Perfection<<
Oh yea, you heard me right. Christians see Jehovah as God and he is
perfect according to them. But how come a perfect being will make a
mistake, he said he made a mistake in creating humans and he commited
the greatest massacre ever through the flood. How can I worship a
murderer? Never will I.
3. >>HELL<<
Hell is one of the major reasons people become christians because they
want to be saved. How can the all loving god Jehovah do that? That
shows his wickedness! The heart of a man is full of evil but the evils
of Jehovah knows no bound. Even I as a human can't even think of
beating someone up, and yet someone who claims to be perfect wants to
roast people for eternity. Like I said, I am not going to worship a
4. >>Jehovah Got Nothing To Do With The Three Os>>
Ominipresent= Present everywhere.
Ominipotent=Having unlimited powers.
Ominiscient= Having unlimited knowledge, knowing all.
Someone with the three Os wouldn't make any mistake. He would have
known that Adam will eat the apple.
5. >>Christianity Carries A Message Of Doom For Mankind<<
Imagine your own father saying that when he comes back your compound
would be destroyed, no electricity and that fire awaits you if you
don't do ten things. Ofcourse he is not loving, right? Jehovah/Jesus
second coming according to the bible is the doom of mankind.
6. >>Christianity Is A Believe And Not A Reality System<<
Christianity is just like telling someone that a cup is at the table
while there is really no cup at the table. Christianity blinds you
from seeing the world as it is, it creates an illusion in your mind.
7. >>Contradictions In The Bible<< There are many contradictions in
the Bible. Jehovah is called perfect yet he sent an evil spirit to
saul and he was a jealous God. Isn't that contradictory?
8. >>There Is No Prove That God Exists>>
If a God has the Triple Os then we would have had a perfect world.
The earth wouldn't have had faults.
There is simply no God.

CONCLUSION: There is no God and also there is no life after death!
We all live to die!
Thanks for reading.

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